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Whether it’s Facebook, an email account or the YourLifeChoices website, many of us have our favourite websites that we visit daily. We might also have different passwords for each one, and they can be a bother to remember and type in every day. What if we told you there was a website that could manage all your passwords and log you in automatically? Introducing LastPass.

LastPass is a secure password manager that solves the problem of managing and remembering passwords by storing all your passwords in the one place in the cloud. Passwords in LastPass are protected by a master password of your choice. All you need to do is create a good, strong password for LastPass, and it will take care of everything else.

LastPass designs unique passwords and autofills them into each of your selected websites, so all you need to do is hit the log-in button. Passwords can be stored on one device, or synched with multiple computers so you can share access to your websites with family.

All sensitive data is encrypted (converted into code) and kept secure with LastPass’s encrypted security system. Your data stays accessible only to you. As always, it’s advisable not to set autofill passwords on websites where your personal information, such as your bank details is available. However, if LastPass sees you’re at risk of a security breach, it automatically changes your passwords to protect you.

Cost: LastPass is free to download and use. However, $12 per year for LastPass Premium will give you access to additional features, including mobile apps and higher-quality security.

Available for Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackberryChrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.

You can read about other password managing websites here.

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    I run Dashlane at present as a trial. It is good, no question, but at the same time pretty invasive and tries to take over. I am not sure yet whether to continue or uninstall.

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      If you use Bitdefender security software then you get a sub-program called ‘Safepay’ and your passwords can also be remembered. I kind of like doing my banking through a site which is much better encrypted than the standard banking site but as for remembering passwords I hate the idea. There are better ways for people to do this and I record passwords in my own encrypted for….which only I understand (God help the relos if we croak it!)….and that makes me feel much safer. Don’t know if it really is though but at least I am a fair way ahead of the pack.

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    After my server got compromised a few weeks ago and I had the hateful task of changing all my passwords I have serious doubts about security levels anywhere

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    Yeah right? Hackers come on in. Bank accounts yours for the taking.
    I can understand the need and we all feel stress remembering different passwords so as to be protected if one fails…..but the reality of life is that THIS IS NOT FAIL PROOF.
    Good luck.

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    Eh !! storing all your passwords in the one place in the cloud !! what happens when that site is hacked like some well known hacks in the past 🙂



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