What is Fetch TV?

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Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you could record live TV, use streaming services and watch pay TV with just one set-top box? Well Fetch TV might just be the solution.

Watching TV isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. Instead of just free-to-air options, there is now pay TV, streaming services, rewinding and recording, catch-up TV, online rentals and more. Keeping track of these different services can be a nightmare – Fetch TV gathers all of these features and squeezes them into one set-top box and one remote control.

Fetch TV is a paid subscription service with different tiers that vary depending on your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The Starter Pack offers you:

    • TV recording
    • TV shows and movies available for digital rental or purchase
    • catch-up TV
    • the ability to use streaming apps such as Netflix, Stan and Presto
    • watch content on your smartphone or tablets
    • 30 free movies to watch each month.

On top of the Starter Pack, you can add on pay TV packs, which range between $2 and $50 per month. The Entertainment Pack includes more than 30 of the most popular Pay TV channels for $15 per month.

Fetch TV is available from retailers such as Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi in two different versions: the Mini and the Mighty, which retail for $149 and $399, respectively. The biggest difference between the two devices is that the Mini doesn’t support TV recording.

Certain ISPs also offer unique plans and pricing with the service.

Visit Fetch TV to learn more.

Do you subscribe to pay TV or streaming services? Will you consider Fetch TV? 

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  1. 0

    Have converted from Foxtel to Fetch TV two years ago when we relocated and connected to iiNet. Easy to use, reliable, has most content we like to watch. Recommend this product

  2. 0

    At $15 per month for the standard package it seems a bit much compared to the $8.95 for Netflix’ one screen HD deal which, granted, does offer less.

    • 0

      There seems to be a lot to this. I had thought it was just record TV and download content. Not even sure what some of the above is. Free to air must be close to dead as the networks are just replaying the same old stuff. As bad as American TV and getting close to the not watching stage,
      At some time we’ll need to get a new TV but waiting until technology slows down a bit. Netflix was what I had thought of doing but wondering if they only offer limited releases and/or crap unless you sign up for the most expensive deal?

    • 0

      MICK, we have Netflix’ standard package which is for one screen in HD for movies and TV series for $8.95 a month with no limit to your viewing and there is no contract to adhere to. The sort of movies and TV series are shown in their website advertising and most are 2015 or prior. If you haven’t a smart TV or an Apple TV unit you will need a Roku box (from Netflix) for reception. We like it, the variety is acceptable, it’s easy to use, virtually trouble free but has very good support facilities if needed, and the cost is reasonable. The streaming data you use you pay to your ISP. Netflix charges are monthly via your credit account and you can terminate your service at any time with no penalty. Good luck.

    • 0

      Thanks Eddie.
      As we do not have a smart TV yet just wondering if you would know if I could run this through the the laptop and then to the TV, which is just a monitor methinks?

    • 0

      Hi, MICK, I don’t think that is a possibility without an Apple TV unit. We have two apple iPads and a Macpro laptop which we can download movies to and then stream them to the TV but use the Apple TV to do that. The Roku unit I mentioned is $109, but my wife got it for free from Telstra as we have been with them for 45+ years. A Smart TV may be the best way to go for you as they already have all the TV streaming apps on them already. Aldi has them on sale every so often and there’s nothing bad about the brands they sell (Medion and Bauhn). Good luck, mate.

    • 0

      Been with Telstra 45+ years. Streuth Eddie…you must have made the ton. Chuckle…….
      I am waiting it out for a bit before I throw dough at a smart TV. Not sure how long that is going to be given the speed of change though but hopefully in my lifetime.

  3. 0

    What they don’t tell you is that you need a minimum speed to run it and 3mbps here in Adelaide just makes life difficult.

  4. 0

    Frankly, I dont bother as busy with other interests; instead of couch potato in front of TV all the time. Internet provides all that sort of stuff anyway. Also get books from library for free
    🙂 🙂

  5. 0

    If you like lots of free movies using your internet go here


    All free and good quality including TV series

    • 0

      Interesting. Will give it a try. Thanks for the link.

    • 0

      Just tried to download a movie but asked for credit card details. Not too sure if that is safe. Some thought and research needed.

    • 0

      Just did a search and WOT had a mixed bag. Seems that some of the movies sources come with adware and others with trojans.
      Not sure if it is worth the risk so might just give it a miss. A pity.

    • 0

      Well I have been using the site and watch movies online and never got any problems
      Do not download any movies …
      When the movie description opens just click on the centre and watch the movies DO NOT CLICK on PLAY NOW will ask you for money just watch online

      Try this …

      Now just click on the middle of the movie and when start playing just maximise your screen

      To maximise your screen click on the little arrows on the bottom right of the movie screen if not showing just click in the middle of the screen and will show ….. same as your video recorder buttons

    • 0

      Tried this for:


      Said file not found. Then tried another. Same deal. Does the above work on your computer?

    • 0


      Yes works Ok no problems Check your PC may be slow or need defragmentation and deletion of rubbish.

      I use “BAIDU PC Faster” a free chinese software that do a lot of stuff on my PC and controls the performance.
      I do not use the BAIDU browser only the PC fast.


    • 0

      It’s a pretty fast machine Aussie. Maybe I need to defrag but as I have a solid state drive on this gizmo I try not to defrag too often as apparently it shortens the lifespan of solid state drives.
      Be somewhat careful with anything Chinese as China is reputed to have spyware in some of devices and software. I am coming around to the point of view that China is not a friendly nation other than the smiles you get. User beware I guess.
      Thanks for the time you have put in. I’ll have another try on the site. Cheers.

  6. 0

    This is a load of bolicks aimed at all the tax cheats with heaps of stolen money. I take the easy way and point my $99 Dick Smith antenna at the transmitter and get 19 channels for free.
    Easy aye?

    • 0

      Young Simmo
      Yes great move …that is the way to kick them on the back side
      Good for you ….Congrats

      Just check the regulations on free signals maybe the gov. will charge you for the use of the air signals …. same as UHF and any radio signal …. Just check it to to be on the safe side .

      If you install a big dish on your backyard with a signal sensor and a few other components you can get all the satellites and million of channels from all over the world including all OPTUS sat he he he he and FREE FREE FREE

      But great stuff …..



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