Mobile Phones

Landline decline

A current trend in telecommunication is to ditch the landline and use a mobile phone instead. It

Avoid large data roaming fees

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Trish told us that a friend recently travelled overseas and returned home

How much are you paying for free calls?

Did you know that ‘free calls' when made from your mobile may not actually be free? Thanks to

Senior-friendly phone

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Jenny has found the holy grail of mobile phones, one which is easy

Keeping your voicemail private

While you may not be as popular as the celebrities targeted in the News of the World hacking scandal,

Save $$$ on your mobile

When your mobile plan is coming to an end, it is more than likely you will receive a letter in

Compare and save

It is now common practice for telcos to entice customers into re-signing new mobile phone plans

The five worst mobile phones of all time

We live in an age where the smartphone, with its impressive technology has changed the way we

Uploading mobile phone photos

If the thought of transferring to your computer, a photo taken on your phone seems beyond your

What to do when you drop your Mobile Phone in water

At some point, many mobile phone users will have dropped their phone in water. Quick and correct

Gift of communication

YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Ellie, would like to get her mother, who has trouble with technology and

Emergency services

Whether it's a bump on the head or a serious car accident, getting in touch with family is

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