iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus new features revealed

Apple unveiled the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus last night.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus new features revealed

Apple unveiled the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus last night, and while the features on each phone are significant improvements on the iPhone 6, the exclusion of a headphone jack has sparked conversation.

The feature had been standard on every smartphone until now. Instead, both new models feature stereo speakers at the top and bottom of the phone and come standard with a pair of wireless ‘Lightning’ earphones.

Due to deterioration issues with the ‘Home’ button on previous models, the mechanical button has been replaced on both models with a pressure-sensitive circle.

The new A10 Fusion Chip will make the iPhone 7 two times faster than the previous model and will also improve battery life. Both models receive newer, better cameras, but it's the iPhone 7 Plus that really receives the upgrade with a second camera lens included to allow 2x optical zoom.

apple iphone 7 range

Minor changes include the removal of all 16GB models in this series and the choice of a new colour for both models – 'jet black' – as well as an upgrade to make the phones dust and water resistant.

The iPhone 7 ($1079) and iPhone 7 Plus ($1269) will launch in Australia on September 16 with phones available in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB models.

What do you think? Are you impressed with the changes to the new iPhone? Or do you feel that is it the same old smartphone with just a few minor changes not worth thinking about?

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    8th Sep 2016
    That's the good thing about being an Android user - you just DON'T CARE much about new phone releases. You know your existing phone is just fine.

    Consumer chasing of the latest phone model is an Apple user religion thing that we Android users just observe with amusement.
    8th Sep 2016
    Like the comment
    8th Sep 2016
    Yep that's me to a Tee! Apple Tragic victim of fashion!
    8th Sep 2016
    Would rather buy a new TV than pay that much for a mobile phone.
    8th Sep 2016
    You could buy 3 x 40" TVs for the price of the 7 Plus. Ridiculous
    8th Sep 2016
    My trusty IPhone 4 is well overdue for retirement to something bigger and better. The lack of a headphone jack at this point is off putting to say the least. They should give options for plug in or wireless headphone users.

    I dare say additional profit taking is a driver in decision making by Apple. The grandkids lose their headphones on a regulat basis and there are lots of cheap replacement options because everything "Apple" is well and truly overpriced eg. chargers!!!

    It will be interesting to see if there are any negative reactions to the new release.
    8th Sep 2016
    Bigger better nicer more more more throw the old one away...."sparked conversations" indeed - obviously nothing to talk about.

    All I do is make a few calls and send a few texts. I also have a watch. So what else do I need?
    A life?

    8th Sep 2016
    I love it but they are going to have to wait for my money.
    fish head
    8th Sep 2016
    Those 'stick in the ear" earphones hurt after a while. Anyone know a reliable brand of hook over the ear earphones?
    8th Sep 2016
    Yes, Fish Head, I have a set of the MOKI ones that you get in cheap ol' Woollies. No problems, don't even know they are on, and sound pretty good.
    8th Sep 2016
    Hopefully Reasons not an owner of the exploding Samsung S7 - what's the difference between the Samsung and Apple religions? It's called consumerism.....

    Everyone has the right to choose what suits them - as primarily a Mac user an iPhone makes more sense for me these days. When I used Windows pcs I used Sony phones. However I only update when I need to - still using a hand me down iPhone 5. Was considering an iPhone SE but the new 7 looks like a good phone just not convinced that really need the android driven and apple followed large screen and phone sizes.

    In response to Sandymac I understand the iPhone 7 and 7s come with a lightening to headphone jack adapter and a set of lightening earphones as well as usual cable and charger - for once no extra purchases required.
    8th Sep 2016
    ccfandango - this really says it all...

    8th Sep 2016
    Actually, from my observations, Android users are better at analysing their required technical and operational features and decide accordingly on the best Android phone (brand) value for money.

    Apple users are often less technically astute and/or confident and rely on Apple's congregation telling them it is the best product and consume on that basis.

    It just costs more to be an Apple devotee.
    8th Sep 2016
    Reasons - Thank you for your reference to the report of the study? I had a good laugh when I read it - as usual the media headline a study with a level of validity to findings that are not supported in the study itself.

    The first part of the study was related to other people's perception (opinion) of phone users and the second only showed that honesty and humility were slightly more associated with Android, with no link between the rest of the personality traits and phone choice though there was higher proportion of female users of iPhones than Android phones.

    This link to some market research might provide you with some fun too and is equally as overgeneralised.
    It would tend to support your view re tech knowledge and Android, though I do know a number of Android (as well as Apple) users who would not have a clue about the technical aspects of their phones.
    8th Sep 2016
    I gave my iPhone away and went back to a simple basic mobile. Peace at last !
    Deb Dickman
    8th Sep 2016
    How would you know until you have used it?
    8th Sep 2016
    Its expensive. The earplugs are going to be like the old clip on earrings - lost.

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