Super cheap smartphone perfect for age pensioners

For $79, you can now get your hands on a brand new smartphone.

Super cheap smartphone for seniors

For many retirees, the latest iPhone or Samsung is either priced well out of their reach or simply an unnecessary expense. For $79, you can now get your hands on a brand new smartphone.

Available at all Kmart stores Australia-wide for $79, or $99 from Optus stores, the Optus X Spirit 4G is an affordable no-frills budget smartphone for pre-paid users.

Operating on the Android 6.0 operating system, this smartphone features a 5MP rear camera as well as 2MP front-facing camera. The quad core 1.1GHz processor and 1GB ram is more than enough to run this smartphone at the optimum speeds required.

Users will have access to all the Google Play apps available to smartphone users on $1000+ smartphones.

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Are you currently using an Optus X Spirit 4G? Share your experiences below.



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    20th Aug 2018
    Best prepaid mobile card $152.10 for 1 year includes 3gb data from Kogan. phone automatically connects to home wifi when I walk in the door. Bought phone three years ago and still works a treat.
    20th Aug 2018
    Optus do not have a tower where I live, so this is no good.
    20th Aug 2018
    Optus do not have a tower where I live, so this is no good.
    20th Aug 2018
    Given what Optus did to us we would never touch them again.
    People need to think carefully if they could cope with being disconnected because of Optus negligence and then being fobbed off for months before the company fixed the problem kicking and screaming all the way.
    Good luck to anybody who wants to deal with an organisation which treats its loyal customers this way. We left and have never looked back.
    20th Aug 2018
    I'm not a fan of Optus either, but we're only talking a pre paid. Not much can go wrong, no contract, no lines, no bills.... I was with Virgin and am sad to hear that they are closing down in Australia. It was the only company which offered service.
    26th Aug 2018
    Franky I am using Virgin too and have been really happy with them for years, we still have a couple of years left of service before it closes, have no idea who I will change to, will wait until the time comes and see what is on offer.
    20th Aug 2018
    I purchased a Samsung J1 mini @ Officeworks for $119, which was a Telstra pre-paid phone. You don't need to use it as a pre-paid phone, just put your current SIM card in it.

    BTW, Optus uses the Telstra network, just like all the others, no matter what they claim.
    21st Aug 2018
    I also have a Samsung J1 [not a mini] which I have had for years. Great phone.
    Am with amaysim, again been with them for years. Only costs $10 every 28 days and does everything that I want.
    Have Optus for internet and so far [fingers crossed] haven't had a problem with them.
    One thing I don't like about them is being charged $2 for not paying by direct deposit - I Bpay so don't pay by credit/debit card either.
    Have complained to them [in-store & via mail] but never received any satisfaction. As they have not replied to letters sent to them either, am now thinking about taking it to the Telco Ombudsman for discrimination.
    10th Sep 2018
    I hate the $2 charge as well (I'm with Optus) but I got round it and have been doing for about 2 years. I gave Optus my card details for direct debit but make sure it is paid before the due date so they have never had occasion to access my card, and I don't have to pay the $2.
    I actually have half the charge deducted by Centrepay from my pension each fortnight so they always have the money when due and I never have to worry about paying.
    10th Sep 2018
    tango18, I am interested in your comment, I am also with Optus and hate the $2:00 charge, how exactly does giving them your card details and then paying it before the due date work, ie how do you pay it, do you still pay it with your card, or do you go to the post office and pay it?

    20th Aug 2018
    I nearly got excited until I read it is locked to Optus. I'm a low user and the Aldi 365 day with an occasional $15 recharge suits me fine. Back to the drawing board to find another brand that doesn't cost the earth

    20th Aug 2018
    Just discovered you can get this unlocked on line for US$11.50, takes 1-5 minutes
    20th Aug 2018
    Thanks from a lot of us - good to know that, reasonable at that rate.
    21st Aug 2018
    26th Aug 2018
    Check out the reviews which are variable on this phone
    26th Aug 2018
    I ended up buying a Motorola G5 for $220, can have two sim cards, and does everything you need.
    27th Aug 2018
    I purchased a smartphone from Telstra 3 years ago for $49 and I pay $20 per month. It covers all calls and texts that I make, does everything I need and is still working perfectly.
    10th Sep 2018
    Do read the fine print - "Terms and Conditions:
    Phones are network locked. No rainchecks. Handsets have been modified to optimally work on the Optus network. It may not work optimally on other networks."

    While the mobile may initially blocked to Optus (common with most providers), it has been modified to only work optimally with Optus!

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