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Not everyone is trustworthy. The sheer size of the internet and the “virtual” anonymity of transactions and conversations mean ever more vigilance is required. The YourLifeChoices Security, Spam and Scams page is aimed at providing you with the latest news and updates to keep you secure. Why not get a Free Anti-Virus Scanner, find out the latest Spam and Scams doing the rounds so you are not hit, or read up on how to prevent Identity Theft!

I’ve been hacked. What now?


I’ve been hacked. What now?

What should you do if you discover that you’ve been hacked?

Top Stories

  1. Security exploits hit Windows users
  1. Ensure that your phone is virus free
  1. Can the CIA hack your smartphone?
  1. Cybersecurity fail – mobile risks
  1. Email scam hits Qantas customers

Are free VPNs worth it?

Will cutting back on costs mean cutting back on protection?

Are free VPNs worth it?

Will cutting back on costs mean cutting back on protection?

What is at risk in your house?

smart tv

What is at risk in your house?

Smart TVs, your car, if it is connected to the internet it needs protecting.

Global cyberattack hits 200,000

Global cyberattack hits 200,000

Global cyberattack hits 200,000

An unprecedented cyberattack over the weekend has affected more than 200,000 computers.

Is banking on my phone safe?

Person uses their phone and an atm is phone banking a safe option

Is banking on my phone safe?

Being able to bank on the move seems great, but how safe is it?

Viruses & Antivirus

How does your device get a virus?

Find out how they can become infected so you can stay one step ahead.

Beat the hackers

Top three free antivirus programs

These free antivirus programs will protect your computer, without costing you anything.

Three for free

The attack on Mac

Malware threats and viruses targeting Apple Mac computers are at an all-time high.

Are you protected?


ASIC warns of new trust fund scam

ASIC urges public to be wary of cold callers threatening access to their funds.

Don’t be conned

Beware the latest SMishing scams

Have you fallen foul of one of the many SMishing scams doing the rounds?

Don’t click the link

The Little Black Book of Scams

The ACCC has released a handy weapon to help you become more scam savvy.

Get wise to cyber crime

Secure Access

Five tips to protect online privacy

We all take the internet and social media for granted, but, unfortunately, so do cyber criminals.

Stay safe online

How easily can your phone be hacked?

New research shows that computer scientists can guess your PIN with 70 per cent accuracy.

Time to change your PIN

Is your Facebook being hacked?

If you’re worried someone else has access to your Facebook, try this.

Secure your profile

Identity Theft

Is saving passwords in browser safe?

Is the convenience worth the potential risk?

Ryan explains

Avoiding identity theft

It’s estimated that one in five Australians are affected by identity theft.

Is your identity safe?

Identity theft and fraud

IDcare is a new charity which aims to help victims of identity theft find their footing.

Find help

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