How to check if you’ve been hacked on Facebook

If you’re worried someone else has access to your Facebook, try this.

lego man hacking through facebook brick wall

A hacker can make use of a breached Facebook account in many ways. If you have automatic login set up through Facebook, hackers can gain access to many different site accounts using your profile if they take over your Facebook. Spammers have also been known to get into Facebook accounts and gain access to people you’re following. Then there’s the breach of your personal security, including personal information that can be used to steal your identity.

Here’s a simple way to check if you’ve been hacked.

If you’re worried someone else has access to your Facebook account, try this:

Log in to Facebook and click on the small arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the page. In the drop-down menu, select Settings > Security > Where You’re Logged In.

This will reveal the locations of all the devices where you are currently logged in. If there’s a login in a location you don’t recognise, either you left your Facebook logged in there by accident, or you might have been hacked. You can then select the End Activity option, which will automatically end the session. The hacker will be logged out, but only temporarily. You should then change your password straightaway.

Finally, make contact with Facebook to let it know of the breach. Go to the Facebook help page, click on ‘I think my account was hacked or someone is using it without my permission’, and then click on ‘secure your account’. Then follow Facebook’s instructions.



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    6th Apr 2017
    Well that is a load of rubbish. I just checked out the where am i logged in, and as a result changed my password. It now has me logged in and changing my password at a location that is 200+ km away from me.
    6th Apr 2017
    I can guarantee my facebook account will never be hacked.
    I don't, and will never, have one.
    Everything that goes onto the web will eventually be open to everyone else, if it isn't already.
    So I reckon anyone who feels the need to plaster private pic's and info about themselves all over the web probably deserves to be hacked. People, please get over yourselves.
    7th Apr 2017
    It's easy to tell if your Facebook account has been hacked. Friends send you a message telling you they've just got a 'friend request' from you which seems a bit strange, and then you get messages asking why you've posted something unusual. Then it's essential to be sure you're logged out and change your password. I'm not a big fan of Facebook but it's helpful to keep track of family members in other parts of the world so there's always a chance it'll be hacked.

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