New scam claims to have recorded a video of you watching porn

A new email scam that attempts to extort $1400 from victims is making the rounds.

New email scam extorting victims

A new email scam that attempts to embarrass and extort $1400 from victims is making the rounds this week.

Hackers are using the leaked and old password information of victims (or sometimes the last four digits of their phone number) to convince them that they have been able to record them watching pornography through their webcam.

The hacker then demands $1400 to keep the victim’s secret, or else the hacker will post the video publicly on the internet. While in reality no video recording exists, many are falling victim to this so-called ‘sextortion’ worldwide. 

Sextortion is not a new type of online scam, but this is one of the first targeting email addresses through leaked information that is available for a price on the internet black market.

A 2016 photo of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed his in-built laptop webcam covered up by a piece of sticky tape. Whenever not in use, it is recommended that you always cover up your webcam.



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    15th Oct 2018
    They can claim that all they like - it never happens. Only someone who actually bothers with porn would feel under attack from such a silly attempt at a scam.

    Guarantee:- Not one single record of any history of porn on my computer.... not my thing, I'm afraid. Real thing or nothing!!
    15th Oct 2018
    I'd just forward it to Scamwatch... instantly....
    Old Geezer
    15th Oct 2018
    Come on Trebor you really do have a quick watch every now and then.
    15th Oct 2018
    No - I don't, OG... not at all...

    Something badly missing in my upbringing, I think....
    pedro the swift
    15th Oct 2018
    Only as part of my Phd research!
    15th Oct 2018
    I remember as an adolescent being told that masturbation will send you blind, make your teeth fall out, etc, and what does one know at that age?
    Then someone told me that 90% of men masturbate, and the other 10% are lyers, a whole swag of guilt disappeared from my life.
    One Thing with Pornography is to know that these movies earn money for the actors and others, and also that it can really load up the data component of your Internet connection, - you may not actually pay for the film, but high resolution videos suck up data like dogs eating mince meat.
    15th Oct 2018
    Hair on the palms of your hands....
    15th Oct 2018
    It's only a possible 'threat' if you have actually watched on-line porn and feel guilty about it. Drop the guilt and the scammers have no power over you.
    15th Oct 2018
    I received 2 versions of this scam email over a month ago; even though I’ve never watched porn (on my laptop or other sources), it was still distressing to receive the demand. I rang the police and was told it was doing the rounds, and just to report it to Scam Watch. But the scary thing is trying to remember what other sites / accounts I had that still used the old password.
    15th Oct 2018
    I got two of those threatening emails some weeks back. I reported to ScamWatch.

    15th Oct 2018
    Had a scam accusing me of watching pedo stuff, money laundering or just plain fraud by the
    bogus Australian Federal Police. Had a look at the international websites and they reported the same for the German Bundespolizei, the French Suretee National as well as the FBI and of course The Bill in England. It's all poppy cock.
    Have downloaded a few old films for old mates, however, put them on a stick as they watch the old things on their TV sets. True, it takes some bandwidth but my service is unlimited, so there is no harm. Good to get a free beers from the old blokes as well.
    Anyone want to threaten me would not raise an eyebrow, not a member of a church group or a do-gooder of any kind.
    18th Oct 2018
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