Police warn of new SMS scam disguised as speeding ticket

Police are warning of a speeding-ticket SMS scam that has been circulating recently.

Laptop screen warning of a scam

Police are warning of a new scam that has been circulating in the guise of a speeding ticket. How can you tell whether you’ve received a legitimate message or a scam?

The scam has been targeting New South Wales residents, but it could easily be expanded to target people nationwide.

Victims have been receiving an SMS that claims to be from the State Recovery Debt Office (SRDO), a division of the government responsible for collecting unpaid fines and fees in NSW. The SMS states that you have received a speeding ticket, and provides you with a link to view the details of the case.

The SDRO does send SMS messages of this nature, but this scam message has a fake link that directs you to an unsafe website; do not under any circumstances click on the link. Messages from the SDRO will provide you with a link to the official SDRO website: http://www.sdro.nsw.gov.au.

To avoid falling victim to a scam, if you receive a suspicious message, whether it’s an SMS, email or phone message, make sure that you don’t click on the links or call the numbers that are in the message. Instead, use Google, your phone book or something else to find a contact number or website.

For example: if you receive an SMS scam from the SRDO, you can avoid any chance of falling victim to the scam by using Google to find their phone number or website, then contacting them that way.

These scams that involve a criminal masquerading as a company or government body are becoming more and more common, so it’s always a good idea to stay vigilant.

Have you received any suspicious messages recently?



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    10th May 2016
    The number is from Denmark ... quite obvious I would have thought that it is NOT from any NSW authority! You'd have to be stupid to think it was a real message from the SRDO!!
    10th May 2016
    Then you will have to make your payment in kronas.
    Ted Wards
    10th May 2016
    You are forgetting elderly people who take these things seriously. I deal with these issues at work everyday. Its only obvious its an overseas number if you are aware of different international codes. You obviously didn't read the part of the article which says it does send text messages out but that you should Google the website and find the real number to ring and ask. Maybe before you rush to say people are stupid you should read the entire article.
    10th May 2016
    Yes, Infinityoz, so there!
    10th May 2016
    Be careful who you give your mobile number to. I always tell people if they want to contact me leave a message on my home phone.

    10th May 2016
    This article may be a scam! There is no such organisation as the SRDO -supposedly the State Recovery Debt Office - which makes no sense.
    There is a State Debt Recovery Office - SDRO - in NSW.
    Ted Wards
    10th May 2016
    Lol that was the point of the article greenie. It was that there is and SDRO that do actually send out text messages for residents in NSW but you should check with them and not click on any link.
    10th May 2016
    I got one from the US. Seemed legit but it is a scam. Ignored it.
    11th May 2016
    My flatmate received a call from the 'ATO' yesterday, indicating that a significant debt was outstanding and that, in consequence, an arrest warrant had been issued. No doubt the caller goes on to indicate that gaol could be avoided by paying the debt into an account in Nigeria. whence it would, of course, be channeled to the ATO. We don't know, because the phone was slammed down in his silly earhole. By the way, it was a recorded message (!!!) (so actually there was no earhole involved). I see on Facebook that at least one lady (in Victoria) fell for the scam and paid them $5 000.
    12th May 2016
    get rid of voice mail messages and only have sms messages you have the proof in wrighting and its better and safer on the hip pocket if any establishment is after money from you they will send it via snail mail don't pay anything of this nature unless you have first rang them on the phone and never push any link if in doubt take the message to the police station.

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