Top three free antivirus programs

These free antivirus programs will protect your computer, without costing you anything.

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If you’re worried about your computer’s safety, these three antivirus programs will take care of it, without costing you anything.

Many of us believe that the more you pay for something the better it will be. And in many situations this is true. But when it comes to free or paid antivirus protection, the differences might not be as big as you believe.

The bare-bone function of antivirus software, that is protecting your computer from malware, will be performed almost exactly as well by the free antivirus as the paid one.  

This is because antivirus companies are not going to intentionally allow their free users to become infected, as it’s not beneficial for anybody. Not many people would buy the premium version of a product that has failed them.  

Read on to see YourLifeChoices’ top three picks for the best free antivirus software.

1. Avira

Avira is a particularly great option for those with computers slightly on the older side, as it doesn’t slow your computer down like many other options will. It’s straightforward and it does what it should do – protect your PC. And while it has a host of extras available (even with the free version) you aren’t forced to install them.

Download here

2. AVG

Boasting an easy-to-use, classic-themed control panel, AVG is one of the leading free protection programs on the market. During your use of the free software, AVG may pester you a bit to upgrade to the paid version, but if you can resist the occasional message, AVG is a great tool for protection. One of AVG's most popular features is an internet toolbar which monitors the websites that you use and tells you whether or not they are safe to browse.

Download here

3. Avast

Avast is a veteran of virus protection, with its first release dating back 25 years to the early days of the internet. Boasting 200 million users worldwide, it is the most popular option for free virus protection. Avast features a simple user interface, automatic updating, email scanning and many other options.

Download here

Do you use a different free antivirus? 



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    10th Nov 2016
    What about the free simple to use and completely effective windows defender that comes with windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. It is designed and fully integrated into the operating system by the designers of the OS.
    10th Nov 2016
    That is all I use and it is fine
    11th Nov 2016
    Relying on Microsoft to keep Windows virus free is like putting Trump in charge of the planets biggest economy and believing he will use all that cash for the people rather than him and his mates.
    16th Nov 2016
    lol does a little dance you are right indeed Hawkeye.
    I would never use any of these three for free especially.
    I have done, and they certainly got me into trouble. NOT worth it.
    10th Nov 2016
    All these "Free" anti-virus do is clog up your system, use up your data and keep advertising to you to buy their 'premium' anti-virus packs. I tried them all and had to get them off both computers because they slowed down so much. I am extra careful about my internet usage and rely on Windows defender now. Also I think they are geared up for newer computers and people who have unlimited data.
    10th Nov 2016
    I have used Avira on all my Apple hardware for a long time and it "clogs" NOTHING.
    10th Nov 2016
    Well maybe it works better on Apple than what I have or your equipment is not as old as mine and you have unlimited data and more memory for it.
    10th Nov 2016
    Could well be, musicveg. The hardware is new and data unlimited.
    16th Nov 2016
    Well fast eddie you know what they say. have an apple a day and it keeps the doctor away lol.
    Cause its never worked for me.
    Unfortunately i can't afford Apple, so something generic had to do for me. so i pay for my virus protection and i'm happy to that. and had no trouble either. Defender..... Well i keep that for the
    11th Nov 2016
    THE "FREE" Antivirus is not free, it will not allow you in unless you buythe $39.99 version!
    11th Nov 2016
    I really can't understand why anyone would put up with all the "nagware" and the potential unreliability of cut down free anti-virus programs when the full blown top of the range programs can be obtained almost free anyway.
    All you have to do is invest a little time researching on the internet, and eBay is a very good place to start.
    I just paid $10.80 for 9 legitimate licences (that's only $1.20 per licence) for Trend Micro Maximum Security to fully automatically protect my 4 PC's/Notebook/Tablet, plus my wife's 3 PC/Notebooks, my son's Notebook, and my father's Notebook for the next year. And that comes with all the bells and whistles and 24/7 support if needed. So why bother with the free ones?
    16th Nov 2016
    yes i like the Micro trend also, i have been using it for years.
    It agrees with me too :)
    Although it does nag a bit as well toward the end of the time alotted.
    But i just dismiss it and do what i must when i'm ready. :)

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