Social Networking

Youtube downloads and your limit

Could watching YouTube videos be the reason you are exceeding your monthly download limit? The

Facebook implements Video Chat

Facebook has responded to the threat of the new Google+ social networking platform by teaming up

NPS medicines list iPhone app

The Medicines List app allows people to be medicinewise by tracking the brand, active ingredient, strength

What is Twitter?

What is Twitter? One of the largest services for friends, family, co-workers and companies to

Social Networking on the go

In this age of social media, everything has to be instantaneous. So it comes as no surprise that

Online dating - staying safe

Whether you're entering the dating scene after a relationship break up, or have just been taking

Staying social

As previously reported, recent Nielsen research confirms the over-50 age group as the fastest growing

Keep Safe on Facebooks

Over the past few weeks, YOURLifeChoices has outlined the benefits of embracing the social networking

Fun on Facebook

The current new wave of online ‘friend’ sites are called social media for a reason.

A Beginners Guide to Facebook

Facebook. It’s the social networking website that has spawned a film, generates billions of

Finer day

If you love the idea of Facebook but are wary about posting your information on the web, or

Quick and Easy guide to using Facebook

The following guide is available as a downloadable PDF. A quick explanation of terms There are

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