Social Networking

Five handy Facebook features

Improve your Facebook experience with these handy little-known features.

How to use Skype

Your guide on how to use Skype.

Why join Twitter?

Twitter enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called ‘tweets'.

Four hidden Facebook features

Facebook has plenty of hidden or unknown features.

Find free wifi wherever you are

Find free wifi both home and abroad with

Is Pinterest of interest?

Full of DIY tutorials, arts and crafts, recipes and more.

Facebook privacy update

Are you sure that your Facebook privacy settings are configured correctly?

Facebook implements ‘save’ feature

This new feature allows you to save links that you see on your Facebook to read later.

How to share a Facebook page

Did you know you can share your favourite Facebook pages with your friends?

Facebook to track your web browsing

Facebook is implementing a new system to target each user with personalised ads.

How to review a Facebook page

Find out how to review your favourite Facebook pages with this quick and easy tutorial.

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