Online dating lowers divorce rate

New research suggests online dating is producing more compatible couples.

Online dating lowers divorce rate

An American study has found that one-third of all marriages starting with online dating and those who met online, were happier than those who met offline. So if you are single and ready to mingle, you may just find your perfect match online.

The study conducted by researchers in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences looked at 19,131 couples married between 2005 and 2012 in theUSon a nationally representative level.

One-third of these couples met through online dating and of those who were still married during the survey period, marital satisfaction was recorded as higher for those who met online (5.64) than offline (5.48).

By the end of the survey period, 7.67 per cent of couples who met offline had broken up, compared to only 5.96 per cent of couples who met online.

Researchers believe that the data suggests the internet and online dating may be altering the dynamics and outcomes of marriage. This may be due to the dating websites introducing user matching software that alerts daters to those who are close to a perfect match on their answers to emotional, physical and ethical questions.

Dating websites in Australia


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    13th Jun 2013
    As a happily divorced oldie, I tried online dating - OK well it had its ups and downs, and there was the ten second date (coffee shop meeting, he wrestled with his wedding ring just long enough for me to slip out the side door and drive off.
    I have to admit, I met some marvellous guys, and unfortunately some real players, to the point where my "happily single" status is sooooo right. It was all in all another different experience, and I have stayed friends with many I met.
    13th Jun 2013
    I always thought on-line dating had something to do with those brown fruits that Arabs seem to enjoy. I looked up the categories in a few dating sites, but couldn't find one under rude lewd and crude.
    people power
    13th Jun 2013
    Well my friends online marriages you now more about that person than dating every friday for 5 yrs,i married for 22 yrs two children half my age she was,then things went wrong normal marriage problems, now i am on my second date on line marriage two children 6.5 yrs so far together, i am now 67yrs my wife is only 29 yrs both living overseas at present but under change of centrelink laws i can now bring them to Auatralia as a pensioner, bloody good show, we one one battle
    14th Jun 2013
    Is it love or a marriage of convenience?
    13th Jun 2013
    I met the love of my life online then lost him to a fatal heart attack shortly afterwards. A lovely man who I had previously dated but not seriously was there for me and became my best ever best friend. There are all sorts of people on dating sites, I prefer to concentrate on the positive experiences that I have had. :-)
    14th Jun 2013
    The oldies don't have much hope of meeting that special someone on online dating. My son, who has been through a failed marriage has been looking for someone nice online. He would be a good catch for a lovely girl. He goes to the gym and looks after himself, has a great job, self employed, loves going out to the beach, but all the girls he meets online are looking for someone to look after them and their children. He showed me some of them on the computer and I was amazed, one girl had a photo of herself,baby daughter and the mother on screen . What a turnoff . Some of them try to look sexy and have hardly any clothes on. Who wants a hooker. I told him to give up looking and when you least expect it you will meet someone nice, I hope so.These girls want marriage as soon as possible. He's already lost one home and is reluctant to fall into the trap.
    14th Jun 2013
    Hola, do you mean people aged over because if you do I disagree with you. I met and fell for an incredible man who I met online. Yes I lost him to a fatal heart attack but the point is I met him. I felt privileged to be his dinner date and will always cherish the time we spent together. Previously to meeting the love of my life I met a lovely man who I have remained very good friends with. He and I are lifetime friends as this man is there for me as I am for him. Life is what you make it, including internet dating imho, you just have to sift the chaff.
    14th Jun 2013
    My son is in early 40's. If he can't meet a nice girl, what hope has the over 50's got. What I mean is we are not looking for the same set of values as the younger people. We are comfortable in our maturity and don't need the same passion as the younger ones, it is good if you can get it, but it is not number one on the list. Not for me anyway.You are so lucky Penqueen to have found nice men in your life.
    14th Jun 2013
    The over 50s have just as much chance as anyone to meet someone again in my humble opinion. I am a firm believer of a positive attitude attracting likewise. I know that I am lucky to have a best ever best friend in my life even though I rarely see him in person. I am 'there' for him just as much as he is for me. Our friendship is a too way street....
    14th Jun 2013
    Aged over 50*
    19th Nov 2020
    Hi! I have reliably been a humble individual, it was difficult for me to find an average language with youths on dates, I was continually mortified and acted stupidly. In any case, an associate demonstrated me correspondingly, after a short time my own.
    14th Jun 2013
    I have tried two dating sites, and have had no success to encourage me to continue. The last one on two occasions matched me up with other females, even though my photo and details. as well as my dialogue, indicated I was a woman requiring friendship with a male etc.
    I have convinced myself that eventually the right male will come along whilst I enjoy the company of people and continue to mingle etc. MAC66
    14th Jun 2013
    Here's your chance to form the "Lonely Oldies Social Group" if you are feeling lucky!
    14th Jun 2013
    Who's lonely, not me, I'm alone but definitely not lonely. :-)

    26th Sep 2020
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    18th Oct 2020
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    19th Nov 2020
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    23rd Nov 2020
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    24th Nov 2020
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