Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

Are you thinking about upgrading to Windows 10 but unsure if it’s worth it?

Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10 is rolling out as you read this. So, if you’re thinking of upgrading but are unsure if it’s worth it, these key considerations below will help you to make the right choice.

Will you get it for free?
Those who own a copy of Windows 7 or 8 will receive an upgrade for free, but anyone using Windows XP or Vista will have to purchase the new operating system. If you can upgrade for free, you should be able to click on a small Windows icon at the bottom right of your screen, on the taskbar. Read more on Microsoft’s website

Will you be able to run it?
All computers running Windows 8 and 8.1 will be able to run the software, as well as most running Windows 7. PCs running Vista or XP may not be compatible.

How big is the download?
The download will be three gigabytes, so you may want to be careful downloading it, depending on your internet data plan.

Will everything be compatible?
Most programs and applications from Windows 7 and 8 will run fine on Windows 10, and those that don’t will likely run fine in a special compatibility mode. However XP and Vista programs will most likely not be compatible, but newer versions of software may be available for the new operating system. If you rely on certain programs, you should contact the software manufacturer to see if they will be compatible before upgrading.

Some devices will require additional software and drivers to be compatible with Windows 10. For example, Sony (manufacturer of VAIO computers) has issued a warning that until the necessary complementary software is available, users should not download Windows 10. Check with your computer’s manufacturer to see if your device is compatible or when it will be compatible. VAIO users are advised to wait until November. 

Will any features be added or removed?
Voice control assistant Cortana will be added to the software, allowing for voice control within the operating system. Classic Windows game Hearts will no longer be available, while new versions of Minesweeper and Solitaire will be. Windows Media Center will also be removed and playing DVDs on your computer will require additional software, which can be found for free online

Are there any security concerns?
Microsoft has stated that “Windows 10 has more built-in security protections to help safeguard you against viruses, phishing and malware. It's the most secure Windows ever.” But if you are concerned about security, it might be worth waiting a few weeks to ensure there aren’t any major vulnerabilities.

Will you be upgrading to Windows 10? If you have any other questions about upgrading feel free to ask us by emailing [email protected] and we’ll do our best to answer them. 


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    30th Jul 2015
    Why would you upgrade if there doesn"t seem to be any advantage and your current windows 7 or whatever is working well.
    Keep in mind windows 8 was almost unworkable and my lap top didn"t fire up until installing windows 8.1
    30th Jul 2015
    Be also Very Aware that some of the Software you have installed and are happy with may not be compatible with Windows 10,Especially software like Antivirus and Firewall.
    I contacted my Security Software Company yesterday and was warned that my Security Software would automatically be removed by Windows 10 Installer because they have not yet had the time or access to Win 10 make it compatible.
    So my advice is to WAIT.
    Windows 10 free upgrade will be available for 12 months which should be plenty of time for
    Software companies to fix/update their products to make them compatible
    30th Jul 2015
    Go To.. "GIMODO" Australia There is a story today about... "A Week with Windows 10" to read !! OK ? Good Luck :-)
    31st Jul 2015
    "GIZMODO " Australia.. that was :-)
    30th Jul 2015
    Our whole media/music/tv/photographs experience is run through Windows Media Centre and it's complicated enough already to operate it. Don't fancy the idea that we have to start again. We have digitised our 25,000 photographs and over 600 CDs, not to mention storing loads of recorded TV for viewing later.

    So no, I don't think we'll be doing anything any time soon. The problem is, though, that the &*^&%$% 's will remove the support so people will be forced onto the new product.
    30th Jul 2015
    Scotty Settle down ! :-) Windows 7 has a fair bit of time left in it yet ! If that's what Your using ? :-)
    30th Jul 2015
    You can Install Windows 7 Start Menu on Windows 10 !! Go to Yesterdays " How To Geek" And it tells You how ! :-)
    31st Jul 2015
    Get smart, get a Mac. So simple and trustworthy.
    12th Aug 2015
    I got a Big Mac instead and it was Er! Um ! ! So So !!
    12th Aug 2015
    I was feeling like taking a risk and went from 7 to 10.
    So far so good.
    I now have a laptop, iPad and iPhone, all with a similar operating system. I can now download apps onto my laptop.
    As a precaution before downloading Windows10 (which is 2.5Gb) make sure you are connected to fast download speed.
    22nd Aug 2015
    Found a bug.
    After the upgrade to Windows 10 I found Outlook would not send emails even though the test message sends ok.
    The following message appears.

    Error message: ‘[email protected] – Sending’ reported error (0x800CCC13): ‘Cannot connect to the network. Verify your network connection or modem’

    The fix is easy.
    Windows Resource Checker – sfc /scannow

    To recover from the issue, you must run the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker tool, also know as “System File Checker” or “sfc”. This tool scans and verifies the integrity of all protected system files and replaces incorrect versions with correct versions.
    1.Right click on the Start button of Windows and choose: Command Prompt (Admin). ?If you don’t see this, instead choose: Windows PowerShell (Admin)

    2.Behind the prompt type: sfc /scannow
    (note the space in the command)
    3.Wait until the process completes. This usually doesn’t take longer than 20 minutes with a regular hard disk and takes much shorter when you have a fast SSD drive.
    4.Restart your computer.
    Good luck.
    2nd Feb 2016
    sounds like you need a new laptop Robbo

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