App of the month October

Read an innovative new novel in app form and get motivated to learn some new skills.

App of the month October

Read an innovative new novel in app form by bestselling author Iain Pears, and get motivated to learn some new skills with top app of the month for iPhone/iPad and Android.

 iPhone and iPad: Arcadia

Ebooks aren’t anything new, but this novel by bestselling British author Iain Pears is unique, as it was written as an app. This means that the copy in bookstores is the ported version of the novel and the online version is the original, quite the role reversal. From an early point of writing Arcadia, Pears believed the novel would be overly complex and tried to think of a way to “make [his] readers” lives as easy as possible by bypassing the limitations of the classic linear structure.”

The finished novel (or app?) has 10 interweaving story lines, and the unique design of the app allows you to read the storylines in whichever order you please.

Read more about Arcadia and why Pears chose to write it in app form on The Guardian.

You can download the app and start reading for free, however there is a point where you will have to pay $4.99 to unlock the rest of the text. Available for iPhone and iPad.

For any interested in the novel who don’t own an iOS device, you can get the good ol’ paperback on BookDepository for $24.

Android: Mastery

It’s never too late to learn a new skill, but staying motivated can be difficult. Some skills will start rewarding you straight away, such as learning to bake (yum) but others, such as learning a musical instrument or a new language, can take months to start rewarding you.

Mastery makes learning a new skill easier by tracking how much time you’ve spent on your skills and levelling them up as you go along.

It might sound silly, but it’s an excellent tool for motivation. By showing you how much time you’ve spent learning a skill in an appealing graph, as well as the satisfying feeling of levelling up, you might find it easier to push through the rough patch of learning a new skill. You can also reward yourself by spending coins you earn by learning your skills on your custom defined rewards, such as watching an episode of a TV show, making motivation even easier.

Mastery is available for free on Android.


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    28th Oct 2015
    There are LOADS of books you can get TOTALLY FREE to read at "Amazon" or through iBooks, with a Kindle or iPad, but you must have a Kindle reader or an iPad to do so. I don't know about Microsoft, butI trust it would be similar. Good luck.
    28th Oct 2015
    You can read ebooks on any windows device using free software software

    Here is one.

    This can even convert any format into kindle, epub and other formats.

    So if you have an iphone and kindle format books you can convert them and vice versa.
    28th Oct 2015
    Thanks, mate. My wife is the reader and does all that, I just look at pictures.
    28th Oct 2015
    Bookbub is the best site I use, there are a lot of free or very cheap books, and you can read them in iBooks and some in kobo, there are many other sites that I have used but so far the two mentioned have been the most rewarding.
    28th Oct 2015
    For Android the BEST ebook reader is Moon+ reader free and the well worth it paid upgrade. Combine that with Calibre as your computer ebook library manager. Calibre works with ALL Ereaders and auto converts formats to suit the device. Just plug the phone, tablet kindle whatever into USB and 'copy the book to the device'.

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