Ten penny-pinching tips

Everyone has a favourite tip for saving money or reusing household goods.

Ten penny-pinching tips, money, save, finance, frugal

Frugality can be fun as well as incredibly satisfying. Everyone has a favourite tip for saving money or reusing household goods. Here are YOURLifeChoices ten penny-pinching tips.

1. Use egg cartons as small pots to grow seedlings or cuttings from the plant in your garden.
2. Get on your bike and leave the car behind. No fuel or parking fees to worry about and you get that much-needed exercise.
3. Check the seals on your fridge and oven are air tight. If they don’t hold tight a sheet of paper, then you’re wasting your energy and throwing away money.
4. Invest in a slow-cooker. Not only do they use less energy than a standard oven but the gentle cooking process enables you to make the most of cheaper cuts of meat.
5. Recipes often call for a small amount of sour cream and unless you use it regularly, what’s left in the carton can be a waste. Add some lemon juice to pouring cream and stir.
6. Being able to mend and alter clothes is a useful skill. Not only will you save money on mending but, with a little imagination, you can revamp your whole wardrobe.
7. Make your own beauty lotions and potions. A tiny amount of olive oil is a good skin cleanser and whipped egg whites make a great face mask. Leave the egg white on for 20-30 minutes then rinse gently with warm water.
8. White vinegar can be dabbed on insect bites and sun burn to relieve irritation.
9. Buying books is expensive. Join a book club, library or swap books with friends. Second-hand book shops are a treasure trove of reading material and scouring the shelves for your favourite author a fun pastime.
10. Don’t bother with expensive odour-eater insoles if your shoes are a bit whiffy. A sprinkling of bicarbonate of soda will banish the pong.


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    grumpy old woman
    27th Aug 2013
    I find these very disappointing. Only points 3 and 8 have any viability the others depend on skill, physical ability, and current lifestyle. Points 1 and 2 depend on physical ability and skills. 4 - have been using one for years. 5 - waste sour cream??????? It is marvellous on fruit.
    6 - have been making my own clothes for years and I suspect any person now of an age to be retired also has this skill and uses it. 7. Beauty lotions? 9. Most readers know about these points - also that ebooks are cheaper and take up less room than hard copy.
    Point 10 may be useful for some.
    But, please, couldn't we have some genuine money-saving tips?
    27th Aug 2013
    Another use for Bi Carb of soda. After being frustrated on using these hi cost "Cut through the grease" spray cleaners that only seem to dissolve the grease and spread it around I found that Bi carb works like magic. Instead of spreading it it removes it and sucks up the grease instead of spreading it around.
    27th Aug 2013
    Bicarb is great to clean battery terminals too as well as deodorize carpets and for absorbing elderly pet mishaps.
    27th Aug 2013
    Any new clothes that I buy for myself or others as gifts are always bought at the end of the season. I'm looking forward to wearing my new summer tops that I paid $3, $5, $7 and $10 for, their original prices were from $25 to $50...... I have been doing this for years......