The headlines and things we’d like to see in 2020 (but probably won’t)

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As the new year rolls around, along with our fresh resolutions and grandiose plans, some of us are holding optimistic – and potentially unrealistic – hopes for the headlines we’ll see this year. These are the articles we’d like to be writing in 2020.


Trump removed from office
The US elections will be held in 2020, but hopefully the world will be rid of President Donald Trump by much earlier than November. No US president has ever been removed from office following an impeachment, but they have never had someone as dim-witted as Trump hold the highest office before either. While the US has clearly been sold down the drain during Trump’s reign, hopefully at least some members of his party do the right thing and vote to remove him from office when the time comes.


  • Major retailers agree to pay dairy farmers a fair price for milk
  • I know I’ve done things I shouldn’t have done and I’m sorry: Trump
  • Deeming rules to be linked to official interest rates
  • Public transport free for Aussies aged 66-plus
  • We’ll never dope our athletes again, says Russia
  • Tackling climate change is our No.1 priority: PM
  • Tax-free threshold for older workers to be doubled

I like to see an increase to the Age Pension base rate, GST dropped for pensioners, lower taxes for workers aged over 70 and four free health checks a year.

I’d like to see more integrity in our politicians.

I’d like the gender pay gap to close, less talk about ageism until everyone is absolutely clear on the meaning of the word, and more acceptance of and less ignorance about climate change (it’s happening people, whether it’s solely man-made or not and we can do things to slow the burn).

I’d like to see Tom Waits tour Australia. I’d like to see more rain, not just on the coast. I’d like houses to be affordable, rents to be lower, Newstart to increase and politician’s pensions to decrease. While we’re at it: if pollies are worried about how to fund a 12 per cent compulsory super bump, they could redistribute the extra 3.4 per cent they get added to theirs to small and medium businesses – or towards that Holy Grail pension increase.

Most of all, I’d like to see more of my family, fewer AFL headlines, more of the planet and less reality TV (I don’t watch it, I just don’t think anyone else should either).

I’d like to see more YourLifeChoices members, so spread the word!


  • Sacred land returned to traditional owners: 80,000-year-old sites saved
  • Fracking illegal under Australian law
  • PM pledges investment in renewable energy sources: hope for sustainable future
  • Adani coal mine closed: hope for the Great Barrier Reef
  • An end to offshore processing of refugees
  • Mental health funding increases
  • Pollies respond as if the country were on fire … because it is
  • Age Pension rates increase … finally!


  • Acceptance of climate change by government
  • Better treatment of asylum seekers
  • World peace

I would like to see a return to a kinder, more community focused society rather than different interest groups getting shouty with each other.

It seems that there is a dramatic loss of trust in politicians and it is highly likely this has been exacerbated by politicians wedging and simplifying complex issues.

It is okay to say you don’t know, if you don’t.

And it’s more than okay to say sorry, if you have made an error or hurt someone, even unknowingly, by your words or actions.

I would like to see a stronger national focus on climate change. I believe this is the single most pressing threat to our wellbeing, but it seems to take a Swedish teenager to try to encourage serious action. 

I would also like a more compassionate attitude towards those with less. I do not believe people on low incomes are suffering because they choose not to earn much. Nor do I believe they didn’t try hard enough.

I think we are all one step away from misfortune and our mission should be to reach out and help those less fortunate, not judge them.

So I think the robo debt collection scheme should be binned for once and all and a fairer way of assessing overpayments introduced. I also think it would balance the ledger if a way of determining under payments was devised. I call it give and take.

And Iast, but certainly not least, I would like to see all Australians make more of an effort to get into the regions , the bush, the outback and get to know those doing it tough in country towns and hamlets – we are a nation of clever people so surely there must be ways of reducing the country-city divide?

Happy New Year to all our amazing members.

What headlines do you want to see in 2020? Do you think we have much hope, or are we a little too optimistic?

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  1. 0

    I would like to see all of the suggestions actually happen. I would also like to see a Centrelink created that does not treat it’s customers like pests and criminals who do not have a right to have an income after paying taxes for their entire working lives. The employees are, after all, just public servants living off the taxpayer.

  2. 0

    I’d like to see Nancy and Chuck tarred and feathered and run out of town.

    • 0

      Nancy & Chuck – who are they?

    • 0

      Their failure to accept the result of the 2016 election and their actions since have destroyed the great Democratic Party and have become Donald Trump’s primary asset for success in the 2020 Presidential election.

    • 0

      It#s not that have failed to accept the results of the 2016 election – they are acting on what Trump has done since then.

    • 0

      SuziJ – it is Crazy Nancy Pelosi an Chuck Shamer – the politicians Ben from YLC seems to like according to his intro above. Give me The Donald any day.

    • 0

      Notwithstanding not being a US citizen and therefore do not have the right to vote in their elections, my opinion is meaningless, I would find it easier to accept Mr Tump, with all his foibles, effectively as leader of the “free” world if he had actually been elected by the American people. However Ms Clinton had more votes (somewhere in the order of 3 million) than Mr Trump in what was effectively a 2-horse race. The US has what seems to be a corrupt political system manipulated by the political parties. It happened with Mr G.W. Bush and now with Mr Trump, so much for US claims of democracy. .
      ps Please do not berate me with claims that it is the voting system they use, they could change it to a “democratic” system, ie most votes win, but choose to keep the Electoral College system. I understand an Australian political party could win government with a minority of votes, no system is perfect but at least our system tries.

    • 0

      Ms Clinton should never have been the Democrats candidate, Bernie Sanders had his nomination stolen by the Clinton camp.
      “The US has what seems to be a corrupt political system manipulated by the political parties”

  3. 0

    My Headlines , Trump re-elected .35 % of world energy produced by renewables . Every person to plant a tree. Nuclear power in Australia , water plants install. News services reporting some of the good news . Adani doubles mine site . Governments to stop spending all the money they have . Houses to be built to with stand fires . It is possible.

    • 0

      Houses to withstand fires – please tell me how?

      .35% of the world energy produced by renewables? That means 0.035. I think you may mean 35% or 0.35.

      Everyone to plant a tree? And who would come out to the country and bring the water for us to keep them alive? Our current water storage is 26%, and wouldn’t be able to sustain planting & keeping trees alive without putting our drinking water supply in jeopardy. There’s nearly 90,000 for this water to support and having to water new trees would be low on the priority of water usage.

    • 0

      Trump re-elected and Adani doubles mine site?!?!?! You’re just stirring!!

    • 0

      No Trump,No Nuclear, No Adani, these three things will not make the world a better place, quite the opposite. We should be looking at hydrogen not nuclear. Yes houses could be made better, read about Hempcrete is fire proof, look it up, there are a few companies now using it here is one.

  4. 0

    Pensioners and Mature Age Newstart (60+) recipients to get a decent rise. Pensioners should get at least $100 per week (single) and $75 per week (per person coupled) and Mature Age Newstart to receive $150 per week (single) and $100 per week (per person coupled). It’s through no fault of ours that we cannot get another job due to ‘reverse’ discrimination by employers. I know that it’s illegal to discriminate, but it happens all the time.

    The politicians to forgo their massive annual increases to pay for the increases to the most vulnerable of us. Get rid of the ‘perks’ of retired politicians – free lifetime travel, free secretarial services, etc. They have enough from the money we pay them as it is. Make the politicians wait until they’re at the same retirement age as we have to wait.

    The NSW government- car registration tax, etc. for Mature Age Newstart recipients should be the same as for Pensioners – $0. These vulnerable people get far less than the pensioners as it is, so why punish them just because they don’t have a job or are not on a DSP, Carer or Age Pension?

    • 0

      It seems the politicians have the most ridiculous salaries and increases followed by insane perks after retirement which they should not have.

    • 0

      I agree reduce pollie perks help the more vunerable, pollies do not make a better economy with their stashing of money overseas, vunerable people spend all their money which in turn helps all business and keeps the wheels turning.

  5. 0

    My Ideas for a New World. Get rid of political parties and have a Management Committee as a governing body. All pensioners and new start people to get a 45% increase in payments. Politicians to have their perks removed, pension reduced and no jobs when they get tossed out. Nuclear Power in Australia within 5 years. Pensioners to receive concessions on all items for daily living. There are more but keeping it short.

    • 0

      I agree with increase of payments but maybe not so much, and pollie perks removed etc. But not nuclear, far too dangerous with the waste product, we are better off looking at renewables and hydrogen.

  6. 0

    Gee there are some fruit loops out there today..probably from the deep north…

    • 0

      Yep, and most of them on Welfare. Couldn’t or would not provide for their own retirement and now living off the tax payers, yet they have all the answers to today’s problems.
      Notice most posts are about getting more for themselves.

  7. 0

    Raise the rate:
    My headlines:
    Renewable energy now the number one energy source of the world, Australia leads the way.
    Last coal mine and coal power station closed.
    People are not more interested in meeting up face to face rather than social media, facebook closes.
    Linda Burney becomes first female Indigenous PM.
    Indigenous Australians work with all state land management to back burn and prevent bushfires.
    Koalas increase in numbers due to more protected areas of habitat.
    GM food to be found toxic, Monsanto sued for Glysophate use.

    I could go on but I know people here won’t like many things I say, but it is all food for thought so please no personal attacks,I would like to see less personal attacks on YLC, thank you and have a wonderful 2020.

  8. 0

    Bit of a quandary here, it’s hard to agree or disagree with most of the suggestions, all make some sense and most will make no difference, eg take all perks from politicians great idea, the difference it would make almost zero, ever since Trump got into office he has been vilified and accused of wrong doing, so far the only thing he’s been found guilty of is decreasing unemployment, standing up to threats from North Korea, China and Russia, and improving the US economy, the Clintons have been accused of all sorts of wrongdoing including charity fraud, they haven’t been found guilty of anything other than using a private email company which hid millions of emails from the government. I agree Trump is a moron, so what state is US politics in when the voters prefer a moron to the Clintons? I agree pensions and others needing assistance should get help, I am not sure a general increase in the pensions will solve the issues regarding those most in need, the one thing I would really like to see is those most in need should be given free housing, this is probably the biggest issue for the disadvantaged. Anyway a happy New Year to all, and the comment I agree with the most is a stop to personal abuse, everyone’s opinion is important to them.

    • 0

      Jim – you are the most sensible commentator for the 2020 year. Have a good and healthy one.

    • 0

      I already got attacked Jim, I agree with more public housing but have to kick out the ones who no longer need them who are still in them, ie they now have jobs.

    • 0

      Musicveg Nobody should be attacking you or anyone else, your opinion is exactly that, I have suggested in the past that a way we could help those most in need with housing is to have something similar to the Nissan huts that early migrants lived in, my wife was in one in 1952 and she said they were great, they had community showers, I don’t think that would work for more permanent residents, but they also had a community hall where they all ate and gathered for activities, I think a place like that I am suggesting would need to have some parameters eg aged residents, I have spoken to women facing homelessness whenever rents go up which seems to coincide with pension rises, our older generation shouldn’t be having to stress about a simple thing like having a safe place to live. This might not be the best suggestion, but we don’t seem to be having much dialogue to solve this problem. So that’s my New Year wish let’s get our elderly into a safe place to live, and others in need might be able to access something similar.

    • 0

      Well said Jim and Moama Jock. I was with a group of US tourists in Ireland at the time of the election-Trump unknown, anybody but, the Clintons was the unanimous reply when asked about the election!

    • 0

      Delboy, what people say and do and how they justify it is frequently little more than speculation. Let’s see if the Republican vote falls away as voters swing back toward the Democrats in the absence of the anti-Clinton sentiments.

  9. 0

    Most of what has been suggested by others plus a federal ICAC to weed out corruption in the National government. Cancel the $50 billion submarine contract and use the money for some thing useful.

  10. 0

    A very Happy New Year to all at Your Life Choices and thank you for your great publications.


    Some great wishes but –

    Gender pay gap. My take pay on results not gender.

    Trump re-elected.There is no doubt he is erratic and loud mouthed but seriously imagine the World being saddled with the dishonest lying and cheating Clintons. At least Trump has energized their economy and as a result a flow on to Australia.

    You have my full endorsement.


    Gender Pay Gap Equal Pay for Equal Results.There is no doubt that the fairer sex are equally competent and bring balance but for whatever reason some do not achieve the same results therefore salaries should be on results not gender.

    Who the hell is Tom Waits?

    You have hit the nail on the head lack of Integrity is foremost.Also candidates should be chosen on ability not by the old boys club or the union delegates.Take Morrison as the current PM very competent but curtailed by a number of second raters who could not have been pre- selected on talent but then again that is not the sole situation with any party or for that matter any nation.

    Reality TV.An insult to intelligence and regular viewers should immediately submit for medical assessment


    You would make an ideal candidate for the looney Greens Party simply impractical eg where will we get our affordable energy from for electricity.I do however respect your right to wish.


    WE all hope for world peace.


    What a thoughtful and caring wish list.I`ll vote for you if you stand for Parliament but must have a word to you about climate change.

    My additional wishes.

    That proper formal recognition be granted to our Volunteer Rural Fire Brigades.Victoria should forget the politics and their union mates and recognize the facts as without the fireys more would have burned including parts of Melbourne as the MFA cannot/could not cope.

    Senior banking officials be prosecuted for their fraudulent actions in ignoring and then endeavoring to conceal the improper actions of their Banks.All directors and executive officers with direct knowledge and being complicit in the miss deeds should be ordered to repay all bonuses paid during the time of the overcharging.Directors be placed on the equivalent of good behavior bonds and precluded from holding any further company directorships for a period of 5 years.

    that Scott Morrison and Donald Trump be reelected.

    that the gap between medical expenses and medicare and health fund payments be reviewed

    that medical specialists be required to provide in writing to their patients of the prescribed fee before undertaking such procedures

    that the procedure for landowner wishing to undertake clearing for fire breaks be removed from the present authorities and delegated to regional bodies comprising representatives from local government, either metropolitan or rural fire authorities that operate in the area plus a government appointed local citizen with knowledge of the area Applicants whose applications are refused should have the right of appeal with costs awarded to them if the refusal is deemed to be unreasonable.

    that there be substantial reduction in migrant intake until our infrastructure is substantially improved,pensions particularly aged increased, hospitals and internal services improved.

    climate change unfortunately there is no definitive proven answer to the circumstances and the hysteria peddled by some alarmists does not help similarly those denialists that just sit on their hands are of no benefit either.Surely some structured common ground can be achieved so that a concerted effort to practically and responsibly reduce the carbon gasses but balancing the impact on the citizens of the world ( insert here the poor nations and the under privileged in nations such as ours ).

    myadditional wishes.

    Proper recognition of the volunteer rural firefighters

    ll Directors who have held office during such terms and who are deemed to be complicit by non action should be placed on the equivalent of a good behavior bond and precluded from holding the position of a company director for five years

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