Bareboating in the Whitsundays

If you are looking for a unique holiday experience right on your own doorstep, you might want to sign up for bareboating in the Whitsundays.

What is bareboating?

A bareboat is a boat you can hire for charter, without the need for sailing lessons or a licence. You get to be the skipper with your family and/or friends as the crew.

You choose the destinations and decide where you want to drop anchor each day.

The Whitsundays is one of the few places in Australia where you can go bareboating and there is also plenty of things to see with 74 islands ensuring you have plenty of time to learn your craft.

While it doesn’t take long to learn the sailing basics, if you are nervous about taking controls, there are sailing lessons available before you begin your journey.

Working with a well-established sailing training provider close to home is the best way to learn. Reputable, accredited sailing schools can be found in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and in other coastal cities and towns too.

Here are just some of the areas you can explore during your Whitsundays bareboating experience.

Whitehaven Beach
If you’ve seen any pictures of the Whitsundays, you’ve certainly seen Whitehaven Beach. The spectacular white stretch of sand is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. It’s also regularly voted as one of the world’s best beaches, thanks to its shoreline of silky white sand. Whitehaven Beach is stunning, and you’ll want to take some time to walk on it, swim in the waters, and simply enjoy the beauty and serenity. When you go bareboating, you can find a secluded stretch of the beach all to yourself.

Ngaro Caves
Hook Island is home to ancient cave paintings by the Ngaro people. Take an hour, the walk is short, but there is very thoughtful interpretive signage and audio recordings to listen to, telling some of the history of the area. This is a cultural site not to be missed. 

Coral reefs
The Whitsundays are well known for tropical coral reefs and there’s great visibility in many locations. You can discover colourful coral in an amazing array of shapes and sizes, teeming with tropical fish and marine life. Sometimes you might be lucky enough to see manta rays, sea turtles, whales, and other native wildlife.

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