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Cruising is relaxing – you only need to unpack once – and yet you will visit many different destinations – the perfect senior travel experience.

Whether you jump on a Russian ice-breaker, cruise the Rhine or take a cargo ship in Mexico, a cruise is a stress-free holiday suitable for all ages, from grandchildren to pre-retirees and beyond, there’s a cruise that’s right for you.

Small ship cruising in 2018

See Europe, Iceland, Africa and Japan as you never thought possible.

Soon you’ll be able to tour the Titanic

For a hefty price you can put yourself in Rose or Jack's shoes next year.

Planning a European river cruise

Jennie needs help with the how, when, where and what of planning a river cruise.

Join ‘Elvis’ on the high seas

If you love Elvis, then this cruise is definitely for you.

Carnival’s rather naughty cruise ad

The new advertisement from Carnival Cruise Lines is more than a little cheeky.

Would you go on a nude cruise?

Here's a sneak peek at what it would be like onboard Desire's now infamous nude cruise.

How to stay healthy on a cruise

Here's how to hit the high seas and avoid health risks.

Unforgettable Europe River Cruising

APT is and always will be a true pioneer of life-enriching holiday experiences.

Cruise news 10 December 2016

Want to cruise a canal of Christmas lights or sail on a record-breaking cruise ship?

Cracking Christmas cruise gifts

If you love cruising, then here's the perfect Christmas gift.

Special fares for solo cruisers

These discounted cruise supplements fares are bound to be appealing.

How to stay safe at sea

Follow these seven tips to ensure you stay safe at sea.

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