The top five cruise lines most preferred by baby boomers

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Baby boomers are spending more than ever on cruises, with one in 10 Aussies over the age of 50 taking a cruise in 2017. That’s an estimated 750,000 boomer cruisers, which accounted for around 57 per cent of the total 1.34 million Australian cruise passengers.

In Australia alone, more than $556 million collectively was spent on cruises in that period. Globally, the industry is worth $5.3 billion.

Australia is one of the biggest cruise hubs in the world, so much so that Aussies have fallen more in love with the idea of being onboard a boat than being on land. A recent survey of 2700 Australian travellers revealed that 54 per cent would rather go on a cruise than travel on land. The preference for cruising was strongest amongst travellers 55 and over.

Cruise ship technology, facilities, entertainment and activities have come a long way in the past decade and the future of cruising is even more exciting. New vessels, such as Celebrity Edge, and Virgin Voyages first foray into the cruise world look to make cruising the pre-eminent form of travel on the planet, much as it was last century.

So, with sea travel so popular among baby boomers, YourLifeChoices asked its 230,000 members for their take on cruising.

In our 2018 Boomer Consumer Survey, we found out that almost six in 10 (57 per cent) of the 5199 respondents had been on a cruise, and another 30 per cent plan on taking a cruise in the next 12 months.

As to where they like, or would like to go, Australia and New Zealand were most favoured, with one in four calling ports in this region their most preferred destination. Sixteen per cent favoured Mediterranean destinations, 15 per cent preferred South Pacific ports and around 12 per cent want to sail Scandinavian and Northern European seas. Asia, the Caribbean and the Americas, and Africa followed in that order.

The top five cruise lines preferred by Aussie voyagers were:

1. Princess Cruises

2. P&O

3. Royal Caribbean

4. Holland America

5. Carnival

Just outside of the top five were Viking Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, APT and MSC.

Known for its plush cabins, luxurious suites, onboard shopping and competitive prices, Princess Cruises has long been a favourite among boomer cruisers.

Recently announcing the expansion of its popular Local Connections program in Australia, Princess now also offers exciting shore excursions across the nation.

“Princess Cruises, the destination leader, has partnered with a trusted team of local experts to bring you the best each region has to offer. From intriguing cultural content on board, to exclusive experiences ashore, you’ll gain a richer appreciation for the places you visit,” says Princess Cruises.

“Where can I get the best local cuisine? What regional product would make a unique souvenir? Every voyage of discovery naturally raises plenty of questions. Our experts have scoured the region to recommend essential experiences and find distinctive things you’ll want to bring home with you as lasting memories.”

It’s this type of program and attention to what cruisers want that sets Princess apart from the rest.

Which is your preferred cruise line? Have you sailed with Princess before? How was it?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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    Yep, lots of pensioners on OAP love going on these cruises at least once a year sometimes more.
    Its a growth industry

  2. 0

    We need more cruises departing from n returning to Perth!!!

  3. 0

    Cheaper to go on a cruise than most other holidays. All your meals, accommodation, entertainment, stopovers at different ports. Just have to watch your bar bill.
    The only cheaper holiday is to stay with relatives, and who wants to do that.

  4. 0

    Not my favorite cruise lines – prefer small size ships.

  5. 0

    I like cruising with Azamara as they include everything all inclusive, along with being only 700 passenger ships, when you disembark you have not one cent to pay from my experience..Now you start travelling around Australia it will cost you an arm and a leg, this is why cruising is so good you know where you stand especially with a company like Azamara, no large cattle carriers for me full stop…



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