Q&A Cruising Solo

YOURLifeChoices reader Frank doesn’t want to pay full price for a double room when he goes cruising, but how can he avoid the dangers of being paired with an unknown roommate?

Q: I am wondering where I can go to check out cruise info for the single traveller? Am I destined to book half a twin share and just hope my mystery companion is not too much of a monster?

A: Many thanks for your question about single cruising – and this is one we receive a lot. The good news is that there are a few options and sites you can explore. Firstly, we asked our friends at Holland America how they cater for single cruisers, as they are well-known for being singles-minded.

Holland America Single Partner’s Program
The Single Partner’s Program,  Holland America’s roommate-matching service, matches passengers of the same sex with others who also wish to share. It guarantees that you will only pay the double occupancy price, even if no partner can be found. This can be a great way of keeping the cost of your cruising down. If you would prefer not to share it is possible to book some double rooms for one-and-a-half times the cost of the double occupancy fee.

Holland America also offers many activities which do not require partners, such as the culinary programs. Single females can enjoy the company of the gentlemen hosts available for dancing on some cruises. These pastimes can also be a great way of meeting new people. You can also meet the other solo-travellers on your cruise by attending some of the singles-specific activities, such as a singles cocktail mixer.

Seniors Holiday Travel
We also think Seniors Holiday Travel, run by Perry Morcombe, is a great company. It has a solo traveller’s club where you can attend organised events to meet other singles interested in travelling. This can be a great way to find a like-minded roommate for your singles cruise, instead of being paired with a total stranger. Seniors Holiday Travel also runs singles-only group tours.

And if you wish to meet like-minded travellers, why not place an advert in YOURLifeChoices Personals section and see if other YOURLifeChoices members are wishing to hit the open seas? 

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