The three best cruise ships in the world

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The days of all cruise ships being alike are over. Now, it is a race to provide the most luxurious and most impressive. We look at some of the world’s best.

Celebrity Edge
Granted, Celebrity’s newest ship, Edge, has only recently completed its maiden guest voyage, but it boasts some impressive features. Most recognisable is the exterior ‘magic carpet’ – an extraordinary cantilevered platform with multiple moods, functions and locations. Positioned on the side of the ship, this incredible feat of engineering floats to heights of 13 stories above sea level. On one level, it’s a bar, another a restaurant; and on sea level, a breathtaking viewing area. And with space for fun and live music performances, it truly is a reason to get onboard.

Edge also features a three-storey public area featuring restaurants, lounges and bars known as The Eden. Here, guests enjoy enrichment programs and activities such as yoga and cooking classes. By night, the area transforms into an entertainment space which integrates theatre with dining and nightlife.

If you really want to be spoilt, you could upgrade to one of the huge Iconic Suites, which are about as big as a Sydney apartment, or go even more opulent and splash out on a Penthouse Suite or an Edge Villa – both spaces setting the standard for luxury cruising everywhere.

While Edge’s maiden voyage was in the Caribbean, it will call the Mediterranean home for much of the 2019 season.

Viking Sun
Australians got to see the Viking Sun up close and personal earlier this year when it stopped in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and Darwin as part of 141-day around-the-world journey which started in Miami and ended in London. The 930-guest small class ship is kid free and casino free, and features an infinity pool and hot tub in addition to the main pool, a spa, 10 dining venues (indoor and alfresco), two cinemas, a 400-seat theatre, a terrace area and a sports deck.

All rooms on board the Viking Sun are ocean-facing rooms with verandahs. As an adults-only ship, there are design aesthetics including leather railings and pillars, wood finishes and art installations, which would be a rare feature on the mega, family-friendly ships.

Majestic Princess
Looking at ships that operate exclusively from Australia, it is hard to look past the Majestic Princess. The gigantic ship carries 3560 passengers, spread out over 19 decks, and houses an impressive 38 food and beverage outlets. Most cabins on the Majestic Princess have balconies and outdoor furniture and the views are fantastic.

The most stunning feature of the ship, however, is the dramatic over-the-ocean glass SeaWalk. It affords thrilling vistas of the ever-changing seascape and the SeaView Bar goes one step further with a glass panelled-floor.

How many cruise ships have you been on? Which is your favourite?

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    Just back today off Royal Caribbean radiance of the seas, in my opinion Royal Caribbean are by far the best value for money ships, we have sailed on quite a few different cruise lines, the benefits earned on Royal Caribbean are more quickly achieved than other cruise lines, we are diamond with them which can be achieved after 80 days of cruising, this level gets you free drinks in the diamond lounge from 4:30pm until 8:00pm, or if you prefer you can have 3 drinks during the same time period in most bars around the ship, you also get quite a few other benefits including one day free internet and a free photo each. We have done more cruising with Princess but the benefits are not as good, to get close to similar benefits you have to do 150 days, P&O no longer have a benefits program in Australia but they still have one in Europe not sure why the discrimination, although if you do sail with them you points add to your Princess account.

    • 0

      I take a lot of information on this site with a grain of salt as I know they are paid advertisements disguised as something else.

      However, that said, I happen to agree with Jim that Royal Caribbean is a very good line to travel with. Have tried the larger ship Voyager of the Seas and quite frankly do prefer the smaller ones such as Radiance or Rhapsody.

      I would like to try the Viking one which has no children and no casino. Not into a lot of the stuff swiming pool, skating rinks and other activities on the larger ships and travelling with 4,000 people is not our scene. We prefer a quieter life while at sea and less crowds. I stress this is “our” preference others absolutely love all the hustle and bustle of large crowds…to each their own.

      From now on only smaller ships for us.

  2. 0

    These are only the best cruise ships if you want to holiday in a floating block of flats with 4,000 other people, I don’t. I’d prefer to sail on ships like the Wind Spirit with around 130 other friendly passengers any day. More relaxing, more like a holiday.

    • 0

      With Wind Spirit fares 3 times what we pay for Celebrity Solstice and cabins quite a bit smaller, I think we will stick to Solstice thanks. I’m sure we are no more crowded on our ship than what you were on Wind Spirit – size of vessel and number of passengers are relative.

  3. 0

    Paid advertising?

  4. 0

    Put me on a cruise ship ! No cooking no cleaning !! Done deal

  5. 0

    I was on the Majestic Princess when it made its way from China to Australia in Aug/Sep.
    It is actually a Chinese casino ship which has been partly converted for the Aussie summer season, NOT a new ship on its maiden voyage as advertised.
    I haven’t been on many cruises, but this ship is by far the worst I have experienced.
    If you don’t want to watch movies on the drive-in screen on the top deck, there’s not a whole lot more to do. Just the same old same old trivia or karaoke type competitions night after night, with the Entertainment Director telling us no-stop what a fantastic job he was doing.
    There was the occasional good show/event, but there was a lot of boring rubbish in-between.
    The best entertainment was actually a Canadian One-Man-Band, who had a repertoire more extensive than anyone else on the planet.
    The rooms were cramped and the balconies were tiny.
    The so-called “dramatic” over-the-ocean glass SeaWalk actually affords boring vistas of the NEVER-CHANGING seascape directly below, and it was pretty-well unoccupied most of the time.
    The port tours were all booked out before you could decide which one you wanted to go on.
    They just didn’t seem cater for the number of passengers on board.
    I will be sticking to smaller ships in the future.

  6. 0

    Taking a trip shortly with P&O from England back to Australia. Normally we like travelling with Holland-America. Never liked big ships either as we do not cruise to do shopping. Do not need a casino either. Smaller ships are better for exiting at ports, hating waiting in lounges with a ticket in hand listening to announcements.

  7. 0

    Just completed cruise from Papeete to Auckland on Holland America Maasdam. Only a smallship (up to 1300), excellent rooms (we had a suite), fantastic staff, very good dining and food, and first class entertainment. This was the best of 5 cruises we have done, only bettered by Avalon down rivers from Amsterdam to Budapest. Will certainly do Holland America again

    • 0

      I have friends who have cruised HOlland America and were happy. I would not say no to cruising with them if something caught my eye.

  8. 0

    We have been on Viking and find there ships perfect. All cabins are veranda. There’s no nickle and dimming and no bill shock at the end of the cruise. Every thing us included including internet, more port stops, beverages and a tour in every port. You can upgrade to Silver beverage packages or book additional tours but we don’t find it necessary as those offered are top quality.

    • 0

      Spot on Ozrog. We travelled with Viking from Athens to Mumbai this year. We really can’t fault them. Spacious cabins and balcony, excellent service, great food and we too mostly took the “standard” tours, with a couple of extras. We also had extensions of additional days and trips at the start and finish and again can’t fault them. Although Viking is by no means cheap, it is great value for money. we’ve booked with them again for 2019.

    • 0

      If retired people can afford to do these cruises or whatever what does it matter how much it costs…you are a long time dead…and if you dont spend your hard earned money others certainly will!!

  9. 0

    Most retired pensioners I know can only dream of going on a cruise on any ship, let alone the ones mentioned here.

    • 0

      Why they are as cheap as chips?

    • 0

      Might be for you OG but some people live from pay to pay, they don’t have the luxuries you do, they barely survive, especially if they live in the city and pay high rent.

    • 0

      Heaps of pensioners on cruises…they buy the cheapest inside cabins and as someone said to me “where else can you get a holiday with accommodation meals entertainment and visiting other ports for around $150 a day or even less”

      Not all pensioners are poor.

    • 0

      Maybe not Noodles, I was just saying that most of the ones I know live from pay to pay and cannot afford a holiday in Aussie, let alone a cruise. I live in a country town, shops closing and not many job prospects here for people to earn big salaries.



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