Northern Territory ready to welcome Victorian visitors from November

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Signs that Victoria has its second wave of coronavirus infection under control are so strong that even the Northern Territory is looking at opening its borders to some visitors from the state.

Of all the Australian states and territories, the Northern Territory has had some of the strictest border rules in place, but Chief Minister Michael Gunnar announced on Monday that he would look at allowing visitors from regional Victoria as early as next month.

Prior to the territory’s recent election, Mr Gunner suggested that Northern Territory’s borders could be closed up until 2022, but things have changed markedly since he won the election.

The Northern Territory has the lowest rate of COVID-19 among Australian states and territories, but has slowly been loosening its border restrictions.

If figures in Victorian regional areas remain under control, Mr Gunner said residents from those areas would be allowed to freely travel to the NT from 2 November.

“We can confirm we are now happy enough with the progress made in regional Victoria to flag a future change in their hotspot status, provided things keep progressing the way they are,” Mr Gunner said.

“We plan to remove the hotspot declaration in four weeks for the all Victorian regional local government areas outside of metropolitan Melbourne, with the exception of Greater Geelong, Macedon Ranges, Mitchell Shire and East Gippsland Shire.

“We are holding back on these four areas for now given they have had a confirmed case in the last fortnight, just so our team can investigate them a little further and be sure there is no community transmission from these cases. Once we are sure of that we can be in a position to add these areas to the list of hotspots removed in four weeks.”

Tourism NT last month launched a Summer Sale incentive campaign from 1 October to 31 March 2021, offering cash incentives for holidays to the territory.

Are you likely to book a trip to the Northern Territory given the low case numbers?

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