Jurassic World comes to Melbourne Museum

Jurassic Park fans rejoice! The latest exhibition headed to Melbourne is based on Universal Pictures’ Jurassic World.

Allowing guests to get closer to dinosaurs than ever before, Jurassic World: The Exhibition is designed as a unique, immersive exhibition experience.

Renowned for producing the world’s most technologically sophisticated and realistic animatronics, including those featured in the worldwide hit Walking with Dinosaurs, Creative Technology Company is developing the dinosaurs for Jurassic World: The Exhibition. Visitors can expect encounters with the realistic, life-size dinosaurs in themed environments inspired by Jurassic World the film.

With Melbourne Museum chosen to host the world premier of the exhibition, CEO of Museum Victoria, Dr. Patrick Greene, said “With its combination of cutting-edge technology and sound research, Jurassic World: The Exhibition will find its perfect home in Melbourne Museum.” Adding “we know that dinosaurs capture the imagination of young and old alike, and this exhibition is sure to wow audiences and inspire young minds.”

The perfect activity to take your grandchildren, or just yourself, to see, Jurassic World: The Exhibition opens on Saturday 19 March 2016.

For further details see Jurassic World: The Exhibition.

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Written by SJ