DNA travel the next big thing

It’s been known as ancestry travel. Last year, it was called heritage travel. This year, the next big thing in travel, essentially, means the same thing but goes under a different name – DNA travel.

According to tailor-made trips provider and guidebook publisher Insight Guides, there’s an upward trend in the number of people wanting to trace their family’s European ancestry through travel.

dna travel

“There are many reasons to travel and retracing the footsteps of your ancestors is becoming a more popular reason. European migration changed the world, and many people want to see where they came from. At Insight Guides we want to make sure every trip is as personal and meaningful as it can be, which is why we work with each traveller to create their perfect trip. We hope that by publishing this interesting information about migration and giving people ideas on how they can make travel even more meaningful, we can help people connect with their past,” says Insight Guides trips manager Franziska Wirth.

In response, Insights Guide offers advice and tips for finding your roots, as well as advice on planning a trip to those locations.

“There are numerous different reasons to embark on a journey, but setting out to trace your family’s ancestral lines can make for the most fulfilling of trips,” says the guide.

“Retracing the footsteps of your ancestors is both a physical and personal journey. It can add extra meaning to a vacation, as you not only gain an insight into a country by meeting local people and experiencing their culture, but also discover elements of the heritage of your own family.”

Have you travelled to find your roots? Did you find them? How was the experience?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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