In 2015 people are flocking to…

Webjet has just released the emerging destinations for Australian travellers in 2015.

In 2015 people are flocking to…

Webjet has just released the emerging destinations for Australian travellers in 2015. Making the most of its tracked booking growth, it measured the January to August 2014 stats against the January to August 2015 data, to come up with a list of the top 11 destinations on the rise.

Unsurprisingly, most of them happen to be in Europe, proving Australia’s love affair with the Mediterranean continent is far from over. A great year for Greece, the country came in with the highest increase at 162 per cent year on year. Spain took out the second spot at 107 per cent and Italy rounded out the top three on 91 per cent.

CEO of Webjet Australia, John Guscic, noted that “improved connections worldwide from ports like Abu Dhabi and Dubai” made it easier as well as more direct and cost-effective for Australian’s to travel to Europe’s previously less frequented destinations.

One particularly interesting inclusion to the list was Cambodia, securing 7th  position with a 63 per cent increase in bookings in the past year.

Here’s the full list from Webjet:


% Increase year on year 2014/2015

1. Greece


2. Spain


3. Italy


4. Japan


5. Switzerland


6. Turkey


7. Cambodia


8. Czech Republic


9. Denmark


10. Ireland


11. Sweden


What do you think of Webjet’s findings on where us Aussie’s are flocking? Did you go to any of these top 11 countries in the last year? Or will you be adding any of them to your 2016 bucket list?


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    7th Nov 2015
    Were in Greece in March and April this year. Wonderful time. Lovely scenery and history. Only downside was a lazy population which believed that it should be 'looked after' by the rest of the world.

    7th Nov 2015
    Nothing in the Americas, or Africa? And only two outside Europe?

    I'm not a sheep. I prefer to holiday where I'm least likely to bump into my next door neighbours.

    Peru and Bolivia are amazing.
    7th Nov 2015
    I agree, and Brazil and Argentina are worth the effort too. I still bumped into Aussies but they were not the booze cruise variety but interesting travellers who, like us, just wanted to experience the less visited but often more rewarding destinations.
    fish head
    7th Nov 2015
    if that's where THEY are going, I'm not.
    7th Nov 2015
    What I read into this article is that:
    1) the places listed are based solely on bookings made through Webjet. I wonder what percentage of total traveller numbers gets booked through Webjet?
    2) it is a list of the places that have shown the biggest percentage increases in visitor numbers over a 7-month period compared with the previous year. It is NOT a list of the most popular and most visited places during that given period. Bali - ie Indonesia - would claim top spot year-in, year-out.

    I was in Turkey recently and, outside of Gallipoli, hardly saw another Aussie anywhere. If we took the Gallipoli connection (and the 100th Anniversary to boot) out of the equation, I doubt Turkey would be featuring in the list at all.

    Cambodia doesn't surprise me at all. As anyone who has been there will agree, it is a wonderful travel experience, and is made easy to get to today by several budget airlines flying there from Australia.

    The alliance of Qantas with Emirates, plus the emergence of other Middle Eastern airlînes such as Qatar and Etihad, has certainly started to open up the European and - particularly - Meditteranean countries but, at the same time, it's meant that certain countries are now much difficult, or more expensive, to get to.

    I wouldn't be surprised if some of the African countries start to become more popular over the next few years. There are several fantastic destinations within quite easy reach from Dubai or Abu Dhabi and, as these places begin to realise the potential of tourism, they will invest in improving their infrastructures (and safety!) and wooing the mass tourist market.
    Chris B T
    8th Nov 2015
    What no NZZZZZZZ
    8th Nov 2015
    Just arrive on a beach all tattered and torn...pretend not to speak the'll get food and shelter...after a couple months of lounging around....start screaming out and holding your head, then break out into English and say..... 'I can remember, I can remember, I fell off rocks whilst fishing in Sydney Australia, hit my head and now awoken here, where am I, where am I !!

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