Australia’s first-ever capsule hotel

If space is not object, this new hotel in Sydney could be right up your alley.

Australia’s first-ever capsule hotel

It’s safe to say that Australia has well and truly embraced Japanese cuisine, and now we appear to be adopting its unique style of accommodation.

Australia is set to get its first ‘capsule’ hotel – Japan’s most loved style of lodging – in Sydney later this year. When Bar Century on George Street was forced to close in February, Giant Design saw it as an opportunity to create something different and think outside the box, if you will.

Ed Kenny from Giant Design said, “given how long capsules have been around we’re amazed no-one has done it here before”.

Opting for a first-class style rather than the more traditional front-loading capsule, Giant Design scoured the world in search of the right manufacturer, and finally selecting one in Asia that produced a suitably luxe version. With prices ranging between $35 and $50 per night – depending on the bed size and ease of entry and exit – these pods seem like a pretty sweet deal!

example of a capsule hotel

What do you think of this concept? Would you sleep in a capsule?

Have a look at the images and read more at Good Food.


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    6th Aug 2016
    Where do you shower?
    6th Aug 2016
    Probably like the old style hotels, in one which has separate area of toilets, bath and shower
    I don't like the idea of no privacy at all. They would have to provide lockers for your luggage
    6th Aug 2016
    This would be a great way to solve the homeless crisis. I personally would be feeling claustrophobia and would not sleep due to everyone's smells and snoring.
    Polly Esther
    6th Aug 2016
    It looks to me as if you could have someone crawl in beside you in the middle of the night.
    What ever turns you on I suppose. :-)
    red 1
    8th Aug 2016
    You would be able lock your door as in regular hotels surely. Provision for late night pees ???!!!!
    7th Aug 2016
    The top one reminds me of the old sleeping trains and the bottom one reminds of having an MRI. We have a population of 3 people per sq km. I don't think I have adapted to living in such close quarters. I wonder how security and privacy have been addressed. However if the google car is not so far away this may be a nice travelling solution in the modern car.
    7th Aug 2016
    Reminds me of a death camp! Except with comfort.

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