Why are Fijians so happy?

Why are Fijians so happy? Because they live in the place where happiness finds you.

Why are Fijians so happy?

Why are Fijians so happy?

Honestly, it’s difficult to not be gushy about this place.

Every time I walk past a Fijian, be they the amazing staff of the Shangri-la Fijian resort, a friendly villager or just some random person I’m passing as I jetboat by them down the Sigatoka River, Fijians yell, “Bula!” with a smile and verve that can’t be faked.

And, I mean, these people are at work – how happy do they look?

By and large, we in the west are a spoilt and miserable lot, especially compared to these Fijian wonders.

Kids literally swim across rivers, ride horse or wait for hours for buses just to get to school in the morning (that’s those who don’t walk there for miles barefoot). And yet, look at the smiles on their faces.

These people, at work, are happier than most Aussies at the pub.

Seriously. What is their secret?

Maybe it’s the kava.

Or maybe it’s the fact that, in Fiji (or at least at the Shangri-la Fijian Resort & Spa), when they say ‘happy hour’, it’s not cheaper or even half priced drinks for everyone invited (that is, if you book a room in the Reef Wing), it’s free drinks, for an hour (here’s me on my third – see how happy I look?).

No, if I was pressed to find a reason I’d say it was looking at this every day (not me, the view behind me, although now that I think of it, maybe I made them happy too. Were they laughing with me or at me? Or were they merely happy being in my presence? No, I’m tipping it was the background that makes them smile) …

… I know it made me happy. That and, seeing all those other happy faces every day. Want to see them too? Check out Tourism Fiji, www.shangri-la.com and www.sigatokariver.com to find out how.

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    12th Aug 2019
    I've recently returned home from my second vacation to Fiji, and I'm already looking to book another. The people on this island are the friendliest and most accommodating that I have ever met. They make it their mission in life to make sure you are happy. Every time you come into contact with them the shout of 'Bula' makes you smile, because you just know they really mean it. :-)

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