Five cracker camping gadgets

For some, camping is a great excuse to unplug and escape to nature, but there’s no denying that living in nature can leave you feeling cold and hungry, and the creature comforts that technology provide are very quickly missed. So, you might like to consider these five cracker camping gadgetsfor your next foray into the wilderness.

Heated socks
It’s not an exaggeration to say that most camping trips can be made exponentially better by having warm, toasty feet. If you feel that standing around the campsite shouldn’t have to mean feeling cold and soggy, then the Thermic Powersock battery operated socks, with a built-in heating element, could be just what you need.

Charging unit
If you’re camping without an electricity supply but want to be able to charge your electronics, the Brunton Restore solar power pack will become your best friend. The lightweight unit uses two polycrystalline solar panels to capture the sun’s energy and power the batteryto charge small electronics – such as your phone or GPS unit – via the USB port. The whole unit is water resistant and encased in a rubberised shell to protect the battery.



Smartphone gloves

Camping is often used an excuse to put your smartphone aside, but if you find yourself needing to send a text, check your email or log in to Facebook, Glider Gloves can help you type without letting your fingers get cold. They use conductive materials embedded on the fingertips to transmit electrical currentsto the device from your body.


Heated chair
Keep your bottom warm on your next camping trip with the Chaheati Heated Chair. It looks like a regular camping chair, except it has a heating element with four temperature settings to keep your, um, bum, toasty. The chair is cordless and collapsible,and the heating element lasts for six hours before needing a recharge.


Camping stove
Unless you’re planning on cooking meals over an open fire, you’ll want a top-notch camping stove. The BioLite Wood Burning CampStove is a compact cooker that uses small twigs to generate heat. Use it to cook food, boil water and charge your phone – you read that correctly. The BioLite has an in-built USB port and converts heat into energy so you can charge your device.