Best fashion and beauty tools for travelling

Once you’ve refined the art of carefully selecting your travel beauty products, you’ll have plenty more room for souvenirs. Here are some space-saving beauty tools, perfect for travel.

Make-up bag
There’s nothing worse than your makeup or skincare products spilling all over your clothes. Avoid this problem by putting your travel-sized beauty essentials inside of a versatile make-up bag. Look for one with a detachable place to store your brushes and a spill-proof bottom compartment, so your liquid items can have their own special home away from your clothing.

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Mini nail rescue kit

Ensure you have exceptional nails for your entire trip with a mini nail rescue kit. This one from Tweezerman features purse-sized manicure tools including a clipper, cleaner, cuticle and hangnail snippers and a file. All in a handy travel bag.

Make-up brush colour remover

These quick brush cleaners feature a sponge-like material that will help grab shadow residue off brushes. This allows you to use the brush immediately with another shade without muddying up the colour and keeps your brushes from accumulating too much build-up over time. It doesn’t completely replace a deep clean, but will do the trick for a few weeks away.

Magnifying lighted portable mirror
Hotel mirrors and lighting aren’t always the best for applying makeup. If you know you’re going to want to glam up on a trip, you need to bring your own mirror. A small, battery-operated lighted mirror with magnification and beauty lighting is ideal. This 15X LED Lighted Spot Mirror also mounts to most smooth surfaces via suction cups – freeing up both hands.

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Compact eyeshadow kit

A holiday is the perfect time to simplify your make-up routine. Opt for a travel-sized eyeshadow palette with an array of metallic, matte and chrome shades. A range of neutral colours is all you need to create multiple make-up looks.

Crease release spray
When you throw your clothing into a bag that gets tossed, turned, and shifted, wrinkles are inevitable. If you don’t fancy switching the iron on when you’re away, try a crease release spray.

Silk pillowcase
A silk pillowcase is a must have travel beauty tool that takes up minimal space in your bag. The smooth surface of silk prevents moisture absorption, keeping your skin hydrated and fresh throughout the night.

Compared to other fabrics, the silk also reduces friction while you sleep, resulting in smoother hair in the morning. Swap your hotel pillowcase for a silken version to wake up ready to face the day.

Inflatable bath pillow

If you’re a fan of slipping into a warm bath to relax after a long day of sightseeing, an inflatable bath pillow will really up the level of luxury.

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Rosehip oil
Every travel bag needs a versatile all-rounder and rosehip oil is a serious contender. It hydrates, moisturises, brightens, calms skin irritation and helps reduce scars and fine lines. It also absorbs really quickly, meaning you don’t have to wait around while it dries.

What’s your go-to travel beauty tool? Share which beauty product you can’t leave behind in the comments section below.

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Written by Ellie Baxter