Air New Zealand ‘stretch zone’ means more comfort for taller passengers

Air New Zealand offering economy passengers more comfortable seating options.

Air New Zealand ‘stretch zone’ means more comfort for taller passengers

Air New Zealand will soon offer a new extra legroom option in economy class.

The new offering – Economy Stretch – is aimed at taller people, but you don’t have to have long legs to take advantage of it, you’ll just need slightly longer arms.

The roomy 35-inch pitch seat is expected to be rolled out on all Air New Zealand long-haul flights from late 2020.

extra legroom seat on a passenger aircraft

Passengers won’t receive the wider seats or any of the extras that come with a Premium Economy fare, but they will receive premium amenities such as a premium headset and plush pillow.

“We know one size doesn’t fit all and we want customers to have a fantastic experience, whatever the cabin,” said Air New Zealand’s chief revenue officer, Cam Wallace.

“Economy customers told us they want more space and comfort and we’re looking forward to giving customers a new option when travelling long haul.

“While our premium cabins will remain the first choice for those wanting all the luxuries, Economy Stretch is a step-up at a competitive price, and we’re confident it will appeal.”

Air New Zealand is currently refurbishing its widebody fleet to fit up to 42 new spots in each plane’s ‘stretch zone’ at the front of the Economy cabin.

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    9th Nov 2019
    Ho hum, it shouldn't be an "option" at extra cost, it should be regular for all passenger because in Qantas and Virgin the economy space is so tight one would be hard pressed to get out in a hurry in an emergency. I hate domestic air travel these days stuffed in like a sardine and width is no better unless you have no arms, domestic air travel has long gone to the dogs, thanks Qantas and Virgin NOT!!!.
    10th Nov 2019
    As a 6ft tall long legged lady (with dodgy knees) I'd really appreciate this. I wish they allocated seats according to height or leg length!
    But as someone on a fixed income I usually have to go for the best price...
    11th Nov 2019
    Tried to book Premium Economy from Auckland to Melbourne for next March and it was more expensive than Virgin Business Class so we have booked our party with them - wanted Air NZ because of the Goose in the advertisement but they need to be competitive
    22nd Feb 2020
    Great idea. About time. All this as an EXTRA cost for this benefit. Will Air NZ at the same time restrict the oversize people using their seat and part of the next persons seat.
    Thai Air did the right thing and refused 3 over weight passengers from NZ from flying.
    The excuse was the add on seat belt extension would not buckle up. It would be great to see other airlines do the same.
    I had an morbid obese fellow sitting next to me using his seat and half of mine. Qantas good not care a less. The next time AirNZ passenger was over weight taking part of my seat. Her arms were the same size as my thighs and I am just under 1.8m and 88kgs. You work that one out

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