Airline slammed for ad campaign promoting sex tourism

AirAsia runs an ad campaign seemingly promoting sex tourism.

Airline slammed for ad campaign promoting sex tourism

AirAsia has been slammed after running an ad campaign that seemingly promotes sex tourism.

Equally as guilty, it seems, is Brisbane City Council, for plastering the advertisements proclaiming ‘Get off in Thailand. Fly direct from Brisbane to Bangkok’ all over buildings and buses.

The ads ran on Brisbane buses for about a month, but drew widespread criticism on social media, after Collective Shout spokesperson Melinda Liszewski published photos and a slew of posts on Twitter, and penned a piece for branding the ad ‘sexist’ and for promoting sex tourism.

“I was out to dinner with friends when I saw this bus pull up to a bus stop on a busy Brisbane street. I jumped up from my table and ran outside to take this photo,” wrote Ms Liszewski.

“How many people signed off on this?”

Ms Liszewski said the ads were a “dog whistle for sex tourists” and berated Brisbane City Council for allowing them to run.

“Brisbane City Council is profiting from these horrific endorsements of sex tourism,” said Ms Liszewski.

“The information I have is that 250,000 western male sex tourists visit Thailand with the purpose of sex with impoverished women and children. Sex in these circumstances amounts to rape and child sex abuse. I believe this advertisement is for those men.”

AirAsia has since removed the ads and issued an apology.

“AirAsia takes community feedback extremely seriously and the airline sincerely apologises for any inconvenience caused from recent concerns raised,” said a spokeswoman for AirAsia.

“AirAsia can confirm the advertising campaign has ended and we instructed our media partners to have the advertising removed as soon as possible today from all locations.”

Do you think the ad is blatantly sexist? Or is Ms Liszewski reading too much into this? Is there any excuse for this seemingly blatant promotion of the sex trade?



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    Karl Marx
    6th Apr 2019
    When I first saw the add, sex never came to mind, Get off is the same as stop off was my initial reaction.
    This woman Melinda Liszewski must have her mind permanently in the gutter & most likely a man hating feminist.
    So she jumped up from her table & ran outside just to take a pic & then slam the add as a sex add.
    Nothing better to do in her life & couldn't see the add for what it was really about. Stopping off in Thailand to enjoy the culture, food, smiling people & history.
    6th Apr 2019
    I agree with what you say, sad world really when people read things which are not there
    6th Apr 2019
    I read and reread the ad and I could not see where sex came into it. The advertisers may not have been thinking about sex when the ad was formulated. Just saying.
    6th Apr 2019
    I feel sorry for Ms Liszewski if that's all she took away from seeing that promotion. Yes. a number of men do travel to Thailand every year for the purpose a holiday involving sex, but many, many times more men (with their families) also travel there for much more than that.
    Also, the local cultural attitude to sex and prostitution is quite different to that of the Western cultures and it is inappropriate for Ms Liszewski to try and enforce her values on them.
    Returned Serviceman..
    6th Apr 2019
    Well said.
    Karl Marx
    6th Apr 2019
    And if she did any research at all she would be well aware that prostitution in Thailand & other SE Asian countries is actually illegal. Not saying it doesn't happen but if that was the adds intent then they would be likely to be prosecuted under Thai law.
    You don't need to go to Thailand for sex, brothels and prostitution is legal in most of Australia.
    6th Apr 2019
    A dog whistle for tourists. This woman needs to get her mind out of the getting off to visit the queen at the palace is a sexist statement pleeese.what the F;()$ is wrong with these feminine misfits . There’s a good candidate for the greens party. Jeeees
    Returned Serviceman..
    6th Apr 2019
    Maybe Ms Liszewski needs to GET OFF her high horse and get her mind above her navel and stop looking for ways to be offended. This might offend her but to that I say stiff if that is still allowed.
    6th Apr 2019
    "Collective Shout spokesperson Melinda Liszewski", obviously felt the need to get (something)
    off her chest - dare I suggest - perhaps it was her bra... to burn!

    Sounds suspiciously like another (Me too) 'spokesperson' on constant lookout for a cause celebre' ? If the 'spokesperson' herself is contemplating a visit to Thailand, I'd suggest she keep an open mind, or she may be in for a rude shock !
    6th Apr 2019
    Sex tourism NEVER CAME TO MIND in anyway when I first saw the ad.
    Just thought of it as promoting making a stop over in Thailand as
    opposed to Dubai, Singapore or elsewhere.
    6th Apr 2019
    This woman thinks that advertisers speak the gutter slang that she and her type use. It seems that "get off" means something more to her than English intends. Just because one unhappy poor creature chooses to make drama out of nothing, does not make it "controversial." Shame on the cowardly kneejerk reaction from the airline.

    This girl is obviously a lunatic, her idiocy is
    utter nonsense, Leon. Surely its only your sheer laziness that this rubbish is elevated by you and used as content for adults.

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