Aussie travellers given the green light to travel in EU nations

Australia and 17 other countries have been granted access to EU nations.

Aussies now allowed European entry

The European Union (EU) has given Aussie travellers the thumbs up, declaring our nation ‘safe’ and one of the few countries allowed entry into the EU’s 27-member block as of 1 July.

The ‘safe list’ is still being finalised, but excludes the US, Brazil and China, reports The New Daily.

The EU has dropped all travel restrictions on member states to enable citizens to travel within the bloc. As for who else will be allowed in? EU diplomats will decide based on how well nations have been able to contain or manage COVID-19.

As of 1 July, Australia and 17 other countries, including New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Thailand and Rwanda, have been allowed entry into EU nations.

The EU is in the process of deciding whether citizens from China will also be allowed to travel within and through the block, and will reportedly base its decision on whether Beijing lifts restrictions on travel from Europe.

The EU ‘safe list’ will be reviewed every two weeks, with countries being included or excluded depending on their handling of the pandemic.

When do you hope to visit Europe? Where will you go?

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    4th Jul 2020
    Not planning any travel until at least 2026. I have to save my pennies before I can even travel within Australia, let alone overseas.
    4th Jul 2020
    I have a very elderly father in England and I'd like to go see him. However I will be waiting a while. It isn't just about being able to get into Europe but being able to come home to Australia!
    4th Jul 2020
    Coming back would mean 2 weeks hotel isolation at your own expense; not much fun.
    4th Jul 2020
    Just recently virus cases have been rising in Europe (a bit like in Melbourne). Citizens do not seem to be able to adhere to social distance restrictions. Sister lives in Zurich and they have to wear masks again on public transport. We were booked to fly to Ireland next week but the journey has been postponed to next European summer. We still have European passports but still would not travel there under the current circumstances. Stay safe!
    4th Jul 2020
    Europe may have relaxed its borders but Australians cannot take international flights. For goodness sake we can barely travel interstate never mind overseas. So what's the point of this article?
    4th Jul 2020
    What happens when you come back? Quarantine?
    4th Jul 2020
    Yep and probably at your own expense.
    4th Jul 2020
    Only a mad man would even consider travelling to the EU at the moment. Their infected are free to travel the entire area.

    Yes they want our money, but don't give a damn about us or our wellbeing.

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