New study reveals Australia’s favourite airlines

Australia’s favourite airlines as rated by frequent flyers.

New study reveals Australia’s favourite airlines

Just in time for summer, and travel season, Point Hacks has released a ranking of Australia’s favourite airlines, as rated by 1686 frequent flyers and members of the Point Hacks community.

Point Hacks members were asked to nominate their favourite seat and service experience across categories including first-class, business-class, premium economy and economy from the world’s top 15 airlines.

Out of 11 major airlines, Emirates took out the prize for best first-class seat and service, with 37 per cent of the total vote, closely followed by Singapore Airlines.

While NSW voters preferred Emirates as the top choice for first-class carriers, Victorians preferred Singapore Airlines. Still, the southern state’s preferences mattered little nationwide, as, once all states’ votes were tallied, Emirates landed on top (37 per cent), followed by Singapore (29 per cent), Etihad (13 per cent) and Qatar (10 per cent).

Rounding out the top five first-class carriers, right behind the Middle Eastern heavyweights was Australia’s own Qantas, with five per cent of the national vote.

Singapore Airlines was ranked the best business class service and seat with 29 per cent of the frequent flyer’s votes. Coming in a close second, with 21 per cent of the vote was Emirates, followed by Qatar Airways in third (14 per cent), Qantas (12 per cent), Etihad Airways (six per cent) and Cathay Pacific (six per cent). 

Qantas had a win in the best premium economy seat and service category, beating out Singapore Airlines (24 per cent) and our ‘bros’ across the ditch, Air New Zealand (12 per cent). Virgin Australia came in fourth with nine per cent of the total vote and Cathay Pacific in fifth place backed by eight per cent of voters.

And the best economy airline was – drum roll, please – Singapore Airlines! Hailed for its impressive entertainment options, comfortable seats and for offering the widest range of meals, Singapore were chosen by 29 per cent of voters. In second place, with 17 per cent of votes, was Qantas; then, sharing a tied fourth place, were Qatar Airways and Virgin Australia with seven per cent of votes. Air New Zealand snuck in just behind them, chosen by six per cent of frequent flyers.

Did any of these results shock you? Or might they help inform your decision the next time you book a flight? On which airlines have you had your best and worst experiences?



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    19th Jan 2019
    Qantas voted second place for economy - what a joke! Never heard of Point Hacks anyway, and 1686 people is a small group.
    20th Jan 2019
    Yeah, that shocked me too. Qantas should be at / near the bottom with their hopeless service culture by staff and poor maintenance of seat facilities.

    We also badly need more airlines for real competition in the Domestic sector.
    19th Jan 2019
    No mention of Royal Brunei then. I have flown to UK with them many times and think they are great. Good service, good prices and nice modern aircraft. I have flown with virtually every airline at some time, and although most of them are pretty good I don't think they compare overall. Probably because alcohol is banned on their aircraft they don't get a mention.
    19th Jan 2019
    I think it is great to have an option for alcohol free flights, too many people become unruly as alcohol effects can often be exaggerated by altitude.
    19th Jan 2019
    Royal Brunei is the best for: sober passengers, very caring attendants, comfortable economy with a great price from Mel-Lon. Hoping to fly again with them and enjoy the updated airport. It was under construction before!
    Life experience
    19th Jan 2019
    Emirates was my favourite. But now they have cut flights to and from Perth. I think they will lose the WA vote. The connecting flights are 9 hr stop overs in Dubai instead of the normal 2 hours we are used to.
    Elderly people will no longer travel with Emirates if stop overs are too long. My parents have already told me they wouldn’t cope with a long stop over.
    Many many people I have spoken to are upset and reviewing travel plans.
    2nd Mar 2019
    Make the transit long & book into the transit hotel in the airport. You check baggage through to your destination, then can do a day flight, stay overnight in the transit hotel in the airport [you don't go through customs/immigration], sleep in a bed, have a shower, breakfast - & next leg next day. Then you arrive refreshed and no jet lag. Works for me!
    3rd Feb 2019
    Hated Emirates...worst seat I have ever had. Was hard, uncomfortable and cut into the back of my legs. Won't fly with them again!
    3rd Feb 2019
    Once flew with Cathay Pacific. Terrible seats. Didn't recline, instead the seat base slid forward and the back stayed upright. Most uncomfortable.

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