Be a tourist in your hometown

Do you ever look at your friends’ travel photos on social media with envy? Are you desperate for a holiday but your bank balance has other ideas? There is a solution – become a tourist in your hometown. You may be pleasantly surprised on what is on offer right under your nose.

If people come to your hometown for a holiday, ask yourself why they come. Is it famous for anything – an unusual piece of architecture, a popular sporting event or cultural event?  Perhaps someone famous was born in your hometown?

The best place to start researching your holiday at home is through your local tourism office. Manned by locals who are passionate about the region, they will be able to supply maps and suggestions on places of interest and historic sites to see.

Book a night or two at a local hotel, resort or Airbnb. Splashing out on a pamper weekend close to home is far cheaper than having to pay for airfares or petrol to another destination.

Research tours in your area. There may be foodie walking tours, or bike tours of the places of interest in your area, or perhaps there may be local producers of cheese or wine who offer tastings. Spend an afternoon sampling what your local food artisans have to offer.

Try eating out at a restaurant you have never tried before. Most of us have favourite eateries that we frequent for Friday night dinners, special occasions and catch-ups with friends. If you are hesitant to try new cuisine, now is the time to explore something different.

Think about what you do when you are researching your holidays. Do you have particular things you like to do when you are away from home? You needn’t go far from home to find similar experiences in your own backyard.

Written by Andrea


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