Report reveals the countries with the best healthcare

Report reveals the best healthcare systems around the world.

Report reveals the countries with the best healthcare

If you’re concerned about decent healthcare while you’re on holiday, then Japan is the place to be, according to a new report from ID Medical Group.

The medical recruitment company ranked the healthcare systems of the majority of Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) nations, based on healthcare spending (as a percentage of GDP), number of hospital beds, doctors and nurses per capita, average life expectancy, and other metrics.

With a score of 72/100, Japan beat Germany (71), Switzerland (71), Austria (70) and France (68) to make up the top five.

About halfway down the list was Australia (62), ranked 13th out of the 24 nations studied, equal with Canada (62) and just behind Italy.

Israel (57), Hungary (58), Slovenia (58), Lithuania (59) and the Czech Republic (59) finished at the bottom of the scale, with the UK (60) and New Zealand (60) slightly ahead of them.

To make your holidays safer, ID Medical recommends you:

  • find out the emergency numbers of the destinations you’re travelling to prior to departure
  • take out appropriate health insurance before travelling 
  • declare any pre-existing medical conditions to your insurer
  • take enough medicine to last a little longer than the planned duration of your trip, in case you’re delayed in your destination or you lose a dose or two of medication.

Do these results surprise you at all?

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    17th Aug 2019
    Being a native of Switzerland I understand the health services very well. Health insurance is compulsory for everyone. Example - my sister, single, age pensioner, pays CHF400 ($A560) per month for that insurance (teeth and eyes not included), and has not been to a doctor for more than 3 years. With expenditure like that I am not surprised that health care is on top of the table.
    invisible sock
    17th Aug 2019
    How embarrassment!
    Chris B T
    17th Aug 2019
    It certainly doesn't say much for countries below Australia.
    Travel Insurance a Must as reciprocal agreement with Medicare Countries means less Medical Service.
    18th Aug 2019
    I suppose one has to be thankful for small mercies - USA is not even in the list above! Yet some of our politicians want to ape them in everything!
    Travel Insurance is a must in every case of international travel.

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