First-time travellers’ biggest fears

Planning an international trip can be nerve racking for the most well-versed traveller, so it’s no surprise that first-timers can get a little spooked about heading abroad. Around 40 per cent of Australians have travelled overseas, meaning most of us still hold first-time travel hesitations. Travel Talk has identified the biggest fears for travellers before their first international adventure.

A recent survey has suggested that 48 per cent of people are concerned most about the cost of their holiday, while 18 per cent are worried about the long-haul flights.

You’re more likely to die from falling off a ladder than you are in a plane crash. Someone should mention this to the eight per cent of respondents who listed safety concerns as their biggest fear. 

With 24 per cent of experienced travellers revealing that the biggest regret of their first international trip was not doing it sooner, is there any better time than the present to plan your first trip?

Have you travelled overseas? Do you remember what frightened you most about your first holiday?

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Written by Liv Gardiner


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