Mysterious new Aussie start-up airline

Who is this Brisbane-based “new start-up airline in Australia”?

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Qantas and Virgin may not be the only Aussie airlines in the sky next year, should rumours of a mysterious new start-up airline prove true.

According to Travel Weekly, at least two job advertisements have been listed by specialist aviation services and consulting firm Complete Aviation Solutions (CAS) on Seek for a chief pilot and a head of airworthiness and maintenance control.

The ads said the two roles would with a Brisbane-based “new start-up airline in Australia”, using Boeing 757/767 aircraft on international routes with a planned launch date of early 2021.

“We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic and would like to become part of a team to create a new Australian airline,” stated the ad.

Travel Weekly contacted CAS to learn more but has not received a response.

Qantas and Rex have also not received a response from CAS either. Travel Weekly understands Virgin Australia is not involved in the new carrier.

YourLifeChoices will keep you posted with any updates.

Do you know anything about a news start-up airline?

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    1st Aug 2020
    How to become a millionaire, start with a billion dollars and buy or start an airline.
    1st Aug 2020
    Ineresting. Might be Clive Palmer. he wanted to rebuild the Titianic. LOL
    1st Aug 2020
    YES, it could be Clive, he's stupid enough to try this.
    Up front lady
    1st Aug 2020
    As long as it isn't Chinese in any way, shouldn't hurt the industry too much
    1st Aug 2020
    Who would try to start an airline in this environment? Some people just shouldn't be in business.
    1st Aug 2020
    You can bet your last dollar its the Chinese on their way to take over the whole pacific, Australia has already given them ports, mines and other infrastructure, and a free reign on most of the pacific islands.
    They don't care if the airline does not make a profit for a few years, as long as they have access and control of all the airports and the airport parking.
    This is the way they work, like drug pushers, give some free samples and then take over.
    This is what happened to a product I designed, because they sent local manufactures broke by undercutting they offered to make the tooling for free, after the product got established they said tooling was worn out and it would have to be re manufactured at a cost of millions.
    Any bets as to who is behind this.

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