Major changes to how you board Qantas and Jetstar flights

Qantas, Jetstar and QantasLink will all ditch paper boarding passes.

Major changes to how you board Qantas and Jetstar flights

Qantas, Jetstar and QantasLink will all ditch paper boarding passes and switch to a purely digital system in a move due to be introduced across both airlines this year.

In a bid to cut down on paper waste, the Qantas Group plans to become the first airline in the world to reuse, recycle and compost at least 75 per cent of its waste by the end of 2021.

The change will apply to all international and domestic boarding passes.

Qanats also announced it would cut out single-use plastics, replacing them with “alternative packaging”. Along with plans for paperless passes and operational manuals, coffee cups will be recycled or composted, old crew uniforms will be recycled and more food will be composted or donated to those who need it.

“In the process of carrying 50 million people each year, we deal with more than 30,000 tonnes of waste. That’s the same weight as about 80 747 jumbos,” said Qantas Group chief Alan Joyce.

“It is quite literally a waste, and we have a responsibility to our customers, shareholders and the community to reduce it.”

Mr Joyce says he’s proud of what Qantas is doing to reduce its carbon footprint.

“We’ve already removed plastic wrapping on our pyjamas and headsets, as well as plastic straws. Even plastic Frequent Flyer cards are going digital,” he said.

“It adds up to millions of items a year because of our scale, and there’s a lot more we can do.

“Few industries can eradicate waste completely, but with this program we’re saying that avoidable waste should no longer be an acceptable by-product of how we do business.

“This isn’t just the right thing to do, it is good for business and will put us ahead of legislative requirements in the various countries we operate in where there is an end-date on various single-use plastics.”

And the cuts could eventually trickle down to the bottom line, especially the staff costs associated with the time it takes to manage waste during and after a flight.

“Some of the best feedback to our efforts so far has been from our crew who see the sheer volume of waste generated in cabins of hundreds of people every day,” said Mr Joyce.

Qantas has targets to reduce fuel, water and electricity consumption, and claims it already has the largest carbon offset scheme of any airline in the world.

Would you choose Qantas because of its environmental focus? Or do you just want the cheapest, best flights possible? Do you applaud the group for this action?



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    23rd Feb 2019
    How is this going to work, are they saying you won’t be able to get a paper ticket or boarding pass at all, and you must use some sort of electrical or mobile device to enable you to board the plane? I can see a lot of delays with flat batteries if that’s the case.
    23rd Feb 2019
    This article was meant to be a Qantas ad, Jim!
    Also, they need to first make sure their Online check-in system works, as often it doesn't!
    Their quality within the plane is also severely lacking - both for badly maintained facilities & the couldn't-care-less staff. Over-rated airline - Joyce needs to fix that, rather than focus on the size of his Bonus.
    Too many inconvenient questions here.
    Denis & Narelle
    23rd Feb 2019
    I don't own a smartphone so does this mean I will not be able to book a Qantas or Jetstar flight?? If this proposal is exactly as indicated in your article, it is ridiculous and I am totally sick to death of companies, and individuals, thinking that every person in the world has as smartphone and wants to only do business digitally. I own a simple mobile phone which we don't take with us when we travel overseas.
    23rd Feb 2019
    Plenty of senior travellers do not have smart phones, so does this mean they can no longer travel? My brother is one of these, trip booked in a few weeks, and already stressing about this. Should be the same, that is either is a legal ticket.
    23rd Feb 2019
    This is the journalists interpretation of Qantas' plans. They won't abandon paper boarding passes for those who need them. I already use a digital boarding pass and have done so for years. Simple as....
    23rd Feb 2019
    Brilliant idea ,just like the Greens suggestion about washing out used condoms
    23rd Feb 2019
    Just as well I won't have a bar of Quantas then. Another nail in their coffin. Over priced and overated!
    23rd Feb 2019
    great for people like my father who doesn't have any digital/electronic devices at all NOT
    23rd Feb 2019
    There isn't enough detail in this article to comment properly, nowhere in the story does it mention mobile devices, it could mean the paper tickets are replaced by a tag which you hand in once you board the plane, or something similar. Wait till you get the full story before you start to panic.
    21st Apr 2019
    If you have private health cover and go overseas, you need to suspend the cover before you go and resume the cover when you land. If you don't have access to a paper boarding pass for either of your journeys, then the health fund may not resume your cover until you get a copy of them.

    That puts paid to purely digital versions of boarding passes for overseas trips.
    23rd Feb 2019
    I'd still rather fly BA than Qantas! And that's saying something from an Aussie born and bred.

    I'm pricing flights from Sydney to London via Singapore for a July departure and October return and BA is still the cheapest @ around $6500 return for a business seat and Qantas going for around $8000.

    Please tell me what the difference is?

    Luggage limits
    BA - 2 bags @ 32kg each (total 64 kg)
    Qantas - 40kg flat, no leeway (adult with no frequent flyer advantages)

    Why would I ever want to fly Qantas with a smaller luggage limit and a higher price? My answer is NEVER!

    I won't fly 'Cattle Class' full-stop!
    23rd Feb 2019
    Have you seen the Finair prices?
    Suggest you might also look at the ABT and FFG newsletters, gray info on them.
    I am a star alliance Flyer only, so getting platinum really helps.
    23rd Feb 2019
    Hey SuziJ check out Royal Brunei. Great airline, great fares, flown to Heathrow with them the last 6 times
    23rd Feb 2019
    Great that they are reducing their waste, people should support it. Have they got solar energy on all those airport roof's yet?
    23rd Feb 2019
    I am sure there will be paper boarding passes for anyone who needs one, for whatever reason. You will just have to pay extra for it. Simple as that.

    We have not had tickets as such for donkey's years. When you book online, they send you a confirmation which has a "ticket" number on it along with your PNR. It is the PNR which is the most important number. Tickets are irrelevant. Everything is based solely on the PNR.

    I don't use travel agents, but I assume all they do is just print out the same confirmation message with the PNR and a pseudo ticket number.

    I am sure there are many people here of similar vintage to me who remember those god awful books of ticket coupons with umpteen copies etc. which you had to guard with your life. Back in the days when I used to do 20 cities in not many more days, I had to carry wodges of those stupid things and they were a nightmare. Best day of my life when they finally phased that rubbish out.

    Most of you surely have noticed that most airlines don't even ask you for the printout, just your passport. They type in your name and up comes the booking. So why are you even worrying about this stuff?
    23rd Feb 2019
    How much will it add to the already most expensive fares?
    23rd Feb 2019
    I stopped flying QANTARSE when Joyce grounded the fleet during the pilots' dispute.
    Since then I have discovered the benefits of Singapore, Cathay, Virgin and Air New Zealand!
    As a septuagenarian (not the Urban dictionary definition!), I appreciate the little extra courtesies I get from all these airlines from check-in to arrival.
    23rd Feb 2019
    Good decision based on sound bases!
    24th Feb 2019
    I've not flown on Qantas for so long now, I wouldn't know what they were like. But I have no doubt they are now worse than what I remember, and it was bad back then.

    My dear friends at Singapore Airlines are just light years ahead of anything you could ever hope to dream of at Qantas.

    At Singapore, the staff know that passengers pay their wages and provide them with a job. They are Professional with a capital P, and they do not act as though the world owes them a living. By the same token they don't fawn over you, or grovel either. They provide the right amount of service as appropriate. Their customer service training is second to none and that applies to everyone in the organisation, not only flight crew.

    None of this is to say they don't make mistakes, I am sure they do. No-one, not even a Singapore Girl is perfect. I have never had a problem with them, but I am sure that for every good thing I can tell you, someone can tell us of a problem they had.

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