Six things you should never do in a major tourist city

There are just some things you shouldn’t do in a major tourist city.

Six things you should never do in a major tourist city

There are just some things you shouldn’t do in a major tourist city. Come to think of it, you probably shouldn’t do these six things in your own hometown, says Smarter Travel.

Stop in the middle of the footpath
Don’t you hate it when someone, for seemingly no reason, slams the brakes in front of you while you’re driving. It rarely happens, right? Well, you should treat the footpath – or sidewalk, depending on your destination – as you would a road. If you need to take a selfie in front of a street sign or find yourself enamoured by amazing architecture, don’t just stop in the middle of the footpath. Pull over to the side, where you’re out of the way.

Personal pet hate: People crossing the road and stopping as soon as they’re on the other side. Let other people cross the road and get to safety on the footpath!

Take a taxi in peak hour
Don’t make the rookie error of taking a taxi during peak hour. It will be quicker to take public transport or, sometimes, walk.

Travel tip: Find out exactly when peak hour is – many cities vary in their peak hours. And, such as with New York at 3pm, some have a time period where taxi drivers change shifts, making it nigh on impossible to even find a cab.

Stand in the ‘overtaking lane’ on the escalator
It seems only in Australia it’s acceptable to stand on the left and allow people to walk up escalators in the right hand side. From London to New York it’s the opposite: stand on the right, walk on the left.

Travel tip: This also applies to stairs and footpaths/sidewalks. Once, in Vietnam, I couldn’t figure out why everyone always seemed to be walking straight towards me, like I was swimming against the tide. Then I realised the locals treat their paths with the same rules as the road. I’m also noticing that trend moving into Australian major cities. Anyone else?

Be well heeled
That is: don’t wear heels. Wear comfortable shoes. This will not only help you better explore a city, but will also keep you in good spirits, as you won’t be crotchety over blisters on your heels or ‘barking dogs’ as some women say.

Travel tip: While flat, rubber-soled casual sneakers may look good, wear something with a cushioned midsole.

Disrespect public transport protocols
The fastest way to pee off a local is to push past them on public transport. When waiting for a bus or train the first time, take a minute to see how the locals behave when boarding and disembarking public transport. Follow their example.

Travel tip: It’s just good manners to let all passengers alight from a vehicle before you board. And it goes a long way to follow basic etiquette of allowing women and older passengers on board before you.

Don’t feed the birds
Only on Mary Poppins should the birds be fed, not in big cities and, especially, not pigeons. Besides the fact that it ruins the diets of the local ‘wildlife’, it also encourages disease-ridden birds and rats to proliferate in town centres.

Travel tip: Some cities will fine you hundreds of dollars for feeding birds.

Do you know of any travel faux pas our members should avoid? What do you hate tourists doing in your hometown?

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    Magic Touch
    11th Jul 2019
    I hate all those old chinese tourists created problem all over the world.... like bagging in melbourne cbd.....
    11th Jul 2019
    Agree. Bogus baggers.
    Bag 'em
    Magic Touch
    11th Jul 2019
    That why I said this type of old (bow dong gua) chinese are ripping off out homeless good people should be ban from entering Australia......
    Karl Marx
    11th Jul 2019
    Don't become part of a tour group following a stupid stuffed animal or flag on a stick lol
    11th Jul 2019
    Don't hog the pavement strolling 6 a-breast holding hands
    11th Jul 2019
    Or the footpath if you aren't in the USA.
    11th Jul 2019
    Check both ways before stepping onto a footpath from a building to avoid being hit by someone, especially if they are moving quickly on wheels; eg a bicycle, Segway or mobility scooter.
    11th Jul 2019
    Being hearing impaired since birth I have always checked both ways when coming out of a building, crossing a road and any other manouver when using my legs.

    Observing locals and their movement habits will always stand you in good stead, the rest of the above are things that should be natural for all people's.
    12th Jul 2019
    using your left hand or both hands when eating in an Arab restaurant can really upset the natives (a big no no I committed decades ago and have never forgotten)....the left hand is for wiping your bum not eating with....

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