The secret button on your plane seat that will give you more room

There’s a secret button on your plane seat that will give you more room.

The secret button on your plane seat that will give you more room

Airlines are trying to put the squeeze on economy class and each new seat configuration comes closer to eliminating comfort altogether.

And although you pay a low price for those economy seats, almost every time you sit in one for more than an hour you wish you paid a little extra for premium economy, or booked your seat in the aisle or one of the other hallowed roomier spots for your posterior.

But did you know that, with the push of a button, you could give yourself a little more breathing space? It’s true!

There’s a secret button – well actually, it’s in ‘plane’ sight on your seat that can make it feel like a sofa.

Next time you’re on a plane, check underneath your armrest for a little button near the hinge towards the back of the seat. It’s almost always in the aisle seat, but some newer three-seat configurations will have it on the middle-seat armrest too – ending the war of middle-seat armrest rights!

Now, press this magic button and lift your armrest up so it’s level with the back of your seat. Et voila! A roomier seat for you!

secret button on plane seat

It’s only a little bit of space but it does make your seat more comfy, unless of course, you want to lean on your armrest.

Apart from giving you a little more room, this little wonder actually has a function. It’s a safety measure to allow people to quickly escape from a plane in case of emergencies.

And even if you don’t use it to gain a bit more space, it’s darn handy when you’re trying to alight the plane.

So, locate that marvellous little button and enjoy your extra room. You’re welcome!



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    17th Jun 2017
    hehe I had an obese lady who knew exactly where that button was in the middle and I was squashed for the duration. An unbelievably unpleasant flight.
    17th Jun 2017
    It's all very well to lift the armrest but I have found that if I am sitting next to a stranger, particularly one who "overflows" or invades my space, it does create a helpful boundary.
    17th Jun 2017
    Choose the correct type of aircraft and you won't have a room problem.
    We avoid flying in the Boeing 777 and always go for the Airbus A380 on long trips. The seats in front of you are designed so that you can stretch out your legs (not in the Boeing!), the seats are comfortable and there is more width as well.
    Travellers need to become more savvy and avoid the pitfalls. Even the now old Boeing 747s are super comfortable but one might worry about the age being a potential problem. Thai Airlines offers such a service to Europe and is really cheap but we avoided this deal for the obvious reasons.
    17th Jun 2017
    "The secret button on your plane seat that will give you more room" = shameless Click Bait.
    Folding back the aisle armrest offers little, if any extra room and increases the likelihood of being bumped by passing meal/service trolleys, staff and passengers as they move down the aisles.
    Personally, I'd rather have something to lean on and to stop me slouching into the aisle if/when I fall asleep.
    Lifting the arm rest does make it easy to manage self and hand luggage when disembarking though.
    The location of the button to raise the arm vary across aircraft and can sometimes be quite difficult to locate.
    19th Jun 2017
    I always only request aisle seats..I have used this button for many years.. it makes it easy to get up and go to the toilet, and I also release it and have the armrest up on an angle that enables me to lean on it for sleeping.

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