Venetians set to vote on splitting the town in two

Venetians set to vote on splitting the town in two

Venetians set to vote on splitting the town in two

Venetians will vote on whether its age-old city should be split in two, the fifth time Venice has seen a referendum of this kind.

The previous four referendums received majority ‘no’ votes.

President of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, said the plan to turn Venice into ‘two towns’ was legitimate and necessary, according to Il Globo.

However, the mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, does not support the vote and has urged Venetians not to take part in “yet another referendum on separation”.

The separation would split the lagoon area of Venice from the mainland area of Mestre to become two autonomous municipalities. Only residents of the lagoon area (260,000) are allowed to vote, denying the opinions of around 853,000 citizens living in the larger metropolitan area.

Old Venice ‘welcomes’ more than 20 million tourists each year and receives most of the city’s investment. Comparatively, the other six mainland boroughs are largely post-industrial, over-populated and receive very little attention and money.

Unlike previous calls in recent years for Venice to separate itself from Italy altogether and become its own independent country, this referendum call is more practical and aims to achieve a balance as to where government investments are directed.

“Supporters of the referendum claim that having two separate municipalities would allow each part of Venice to address its own set of problems more effectively,” says Il Globo.

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    19th Oct 2019
    Venice is a very interesting place. If you can get over the widespread graffiti, the filth of the whole town, the Chinese merchants, being ripped off for everything you buy, every second shop selling the same goods and pizza shops which all sell reheated commercial pizza then it may be a place you want to visit.
    I have to wonder if they do split Venice then how do the police with their radar checking boat speeds decide which side of the canal they have jurisdiction over? It would make for great theatre.
    Having spent weeks, not days, in Venice we've decided never to return. And yes the place has an amazing history and is built on piers...which are sinking (?). One of the marvels of mankind run into the ground (sic) by greedy locals for keep the wealth and let the city degenerate into what it has become. Sad.
    19th Oct 2019
    Venice is an interesting place to visit. It is also a hot-spot for theft, scams and opportunist locals trying to get money from unwary tourists.
    19th Oct 2019
    Mick and Dancer, I fully agree with your descriptions of Venice, it is an interesting city, BUT...… it is also a complete rip off in many ways. I found it to be crowded, noisy, dirty, smelly, expensive, and not particularly welcoming to the many tourists who contribute to their economy and welfare. Many of the traders and gondoliers were just downright rude. When I heard others praise Venice and say how beautiful and romantic it is I wondered if there was something wrong with me. Now I realize that I am not alone in my opinions.
    20th Oct 2019
    Yes notelle, the locals are also very rude to tourists. We experienced that first hand also. I wonder if that is because there are so many tourists ruining the city, but having said that as you say, the tourists support their economy and livelihood. It's a fine line between having tourists and having too many! Still no excuse for rudeness though.

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