Cool tool shows the countries with the healthiest cuisine

Hayes & Jarvis has tested dishes from all over the world to find the healthiest fare.

Cool tool shows the countries with the healthiest cuisine

Food tourism is becoming an increasingly popular travel motivator, with many tourists visiting countries specifically to try the local cuisine.

And why not? A great way to experience the personality, history and culture of a nation is through its ‘culinary artwork’.

Some countries are famous for pastries, smoked meats, sweets and other treats, but do you know which ones are renowned for healthier fare?

Travel group Hayes & Jarvis analysed 102 different dishes from 65 destinations from China to the US to discover which have the most “well-rounded” fare, identifying “how close the nutrients in a meal are to the recommended proportions per calorie”.

The group looked at popular breakfasts, lunches, dinners and national dishes.

Overall, the top five countries with the healthiest diets are India, China, Sri Lanka, Australia and Oman.

You’ll find the healthiest breakfast in Hong Kong, the best lunch in Sri Lanka, and the most nutritional dinner in New Zealand.

The country with the unhealthiest cuisine is Brazil, and you’ll find the unhealthiest meal – a chorizo, pork and beef dish – in Argentina. 

This tool features full nutritional profiles of the meals, including vitamins and nutrients, cholesterol and macronutrients such as protein and carbohydrates.

Read more about the study at

Would you have put Australia so high in the rankings? Where have you eaten the healthiest food?



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    17th Nov 2018
    The surprise package there is Oman mainly because not much is known about it, and that no Mediterranean country made the top five given the almost universal agreement on the efficacy of the Mediterranean diet.
    17th Nov 2018
    Leon, the chart in the article shows the healthiest lunch is in India, not Sri Lanka as you have noted.
    19th Nov 2018
    Utter BS Leon. Sorry.

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