World’s best airlines announced

The world’s best airlines have been announced at the annual World Airline Awards.

World’s best airlines announced

The world’s best airlines have been announced at the annual World Airline Awards.

Run by research firm Skytrak, the results were announced at the Paris Air Show, honouring the best carriers worldwide.

After losing its top spot to Cathay Pacific last year, Qatar regained it’s prime position, taking out Airline of the Year. The third time it’s come out on top, Qatar also took out the title for the best business class seat.

While Australia did not take out any of the top spots, it did manage to slide back into the top 10, with Qantas taking out 10th position. This makes Qantas the best Australian airline, with rival, Virgin Australia, coming in at 16th.

Also named the best airline in the Pacific region, Qantas won the award for the best premium economy food, while Virgin took out the title of best staff in the Pacific.

Air Asia was named best low-cost airline for the seventh year running, with Singapore Airlines the best for business class and Emirates winning the award for best in-flight entertainment.

Based on a survey of 18.85 million airline passengers from around the world, more than 160 countries participated in the latest survey, covering 245 airlines.

With the top 10 dominated by Asian and Middle-Eastern carriers, no North American or European airlines made the cut aside from Turkish Airlines. Etihad withdrew from the awards last year, due to dissatisfaction with the methods used by Skytrax.

The full list of the top 10 airlines in the world for 2015 are:

  1. Qatar Airways
  2. Singapore Airlines 
  3. Cathay Pacific Airways
  4. Turkish Airlines
  5. Emirates
  6. Etihad Airways 
  7. ANA All Nippon Airways 
  8. Garuda Indonesia 
  9. EVA Air 
  10. Qantas Airways

You can see all the awards at World Airline Awards.

What do you think of these results? Does this change who you would consider flying with?


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    20th Jun 2015
    For me, it is just Singapore airlines or Qantas. Safety is most important criteria than food or number of TV channels they have.
    There are some airlines rated above Qantas, which I will never dare to travel.
    20th Jun 2015
    You would have to be joking - how could Qantas be placed below Garuda? They should be up there with Singapore Airlines. It would appear to me that the survey is flawed. Qantas would no doubt score well with Australians but for flights commencing elsewhere, passengers would probably have no experience flying with them. I have to agree with Johnny. I would suggest the results would be vastly different if taken out by Australian travellers who may have also experienced other airlines.
    20th Jun 2015
    Personally I have never had a problem with our national carrier, Oi Oi Oi!
    However having worked for Cathay Pacific for many years in the past, I can assure you, they are very particular in every facet of the airline.
    So after Qantas, they are always my back-up.
    20th Jun 2015
    I am in the aisles with uproarious laughter. What a joke!
    As the blog above says the review is based on customer feedback. With that in mind I am surprised that Air China (ahhhh....) did not win the top spot given that this is where the biggest world population resides.
    Such a survey is not worth the desktop 'paper' it is written on because the smallest nation may actually have the best airline but because it also has a smallest population it will not show up in the results. In statistics this sort of survey is said to have EXTREME BIAS and its validity is ZERO.
    Just demonstrates the complete lack of intelligence from those who put this information and article together.
    20th Jun 2015
    Sorry Sue. A bit tough maybe. No insult intended.
    20th Jun 2015
    Don't back down now mick, you made a very good point. The only insult is to our intelligence with this dubious report!
    20th Jun 2015
    For me also, its just Singapore Air and Cathay Pacific. Qantas may win out with Airsafety, but their cabin service is below standard. I was very surprised that Qantas even made it to the bottom of the top ten Airlines.
    20th Jun 2015
    On our recent flights with Qantas we had a mixed bag Bob. A bad experience with ONE of the cabin crew on the way to LA but a wonderful experience on our return to Oz from Japan.
    Overall the cabin service was great. My only comment is that I am getting a bit sick and tired of SOME of the homosexual cabin crew as they have a sort of sneer in their voice and you can tell that their 'friendliness', if that is what you can call it, is fake. I do find it uncomfortable.
    The story of our flight to LA and the confrontation one of these guys had with me is one Qantas needs to think about. Aircrew getting stuck into customers for refusing a meal (because they claim to have run out of everything else) should not be on. An interesting account....which luckily ended well after the other aircrew went into damage control, moving the nong who was trashing the airline's reputation to another section of the plane. After that it was kind of nice getting first class service in cattle class for the rest of the flight.
    20th Jun 2015
    I used to fly with Qantas, indeed I was a member of the Qantas Club. Cancelled that after I was refused entry to the lounge in Singapore after a 14 hour flight from Amsterdam. My next leg was to Jakarta, but there was no Qantas flight so Qantas had booked me on Cathay. Even though I had gone to Europe and back with Qantas and they booked my with Cathay because Qantas did not serve the route I could not use the lounge after such a long flight. Apart from that dummy spit, I was finding Qantas cabin staff displayed an attitude of superiority over passengers. This is quite different from any of the Asian airlines I fly with. As for safety Qantas has had extreme good luck. Take the Airbus 380 that went back to Singapore after an engine incident. If the fragments had been a very short distance from where they ended up it would have been the world's first A380 loss. Also the 747 that ran off the runway in Bangkok - very lucky to avoid death and injury. Nevertheless good fortune is important, so give the Q full marks on that score.
    20th Jun 2015
    Your account of Qantas cabin crew sounds familiar...although not all. Your experience with the lounge is a non even though and many airlines have partners now. Par for the course...and this is normally shown BEFORE you book flights if you do so online.
    If you want to give Asian airlines the thumbs up then I suggest you like the arrogance and bad behaviour of the Chinese new rich. Obnoxious people!
    We were on a flight which went through Kuala Lumpur and we picked up a whole pile of Chinese people. First thing is that these people had NO MANNERS whatsoever. Sad. And then we had a Chinese passenger board and come up to us claiming that her father had the window seat (clearly a con!). Despite responding that we were in the correct seats the woman persisted, so we showed her our tickets. She was clearly displeased but had no choice than to put her father on the outside seat neat to us and then resume her own seat across the aisle. Then, I tried to do up the seat belt (which was stuck in the father's seat) and the guy just ignored ever well mannered attempt for him to give way a little so that the seat belt could be dislodged. At the end of the flight the woman and her husband across the aisle stood up and played around refusing to hurry up even a little so that we and other passengers could disembark At this stage there were no passengers in front of her still on the plane. Eventually we had to squeeze by the woman with our full ski boot bags and my wife quite accidentally, as she swung around in the aisle, knocked the woman off her feet back over her seat. At this time I gave quite a loud cheer earning the disapproval of my dear wife. There sometimes is a little justice in the world!
    Sorry for the long account. Probably bored you to tears. The intention of the narration was to show you what you may be in for with Asian passengers, not that all would be as bad as those in the above account. Personally, I have no wish to fly or sail with Asians. No, not prejudiced, just wanting to avoid such ill mannered human being. Whilst Australia has its own ignoramuses they are certainly in the minority.
    Good luck with Asian airlines and Garuda/Korean Air/ Air Philippines, etc. There really is a solid reason why Australians avoid some carriers.
    Do you work in the airline industry Batara?
    21st Jun 2015
    Hi Mick, Sorry I just happened to call back here. Been doing things other than chat on this page. No I have never worked in the airline industry. I did all my paid flying with the RAAF, just a passenger with the airlines. Retired now.
    20th Jun 2015
    Well Mick, its just as well you can stick up for yourself.
    However on my last long trip back to Oz with Qantas, I was alone, and became very ill, I cannot thank enough (and I wrote to Qantas) the chap who went above and beyond (and I make no rude remarks about his sexuality) he was a godsend. Unless you are alone and experience something like this you would not understand. Lets face it, "blokey" aussie men are just not into "customer service" are they, would make them less of a man....I rest my case!
    20th Jun 2015
    First thing Dizzy I was commenting on one leg of two and if you read my comment again you will notice that I said the return leg was I should be.

    Wit regard to the issue with homosexual cabin staff I was making the point that I find the manner from SOME of these guys rather disconcerting. This has nothing to do with their sexuality by the way.

    My wife and I travel extensively and recognise GENUINE service and friendliness when we see it. Some of the homosexual guys are not at all friendly and its easy to spot. They smile but sneer and you can pick up from their voice that they would rather not be there.

    I am glad that you were looked after and I would expect nothing less from either Qantas or Virgin. Both are good carriers. But then very few airlines have bad cabin staff......and none could ever be as one particular hostess on an American Airlines flight we took a few years ago where a (straight) hostess verbally attacked several passengers.

    Horses for courses Dizzy. The Qantas guy I discussed was pretty bad and probably needed another job. Glad your experience was much better.

    And for the record I booked another flight to LA with Qantas just 2 weeks ago. Cheers.
    20th Jun 2015
    Interesting to see Garuda Indonesia ahead of Qantas. After the bad press Garuda had a few years ago it has made a commendable improvement. I fly Garuda in preference to Qantas any time I can.
    Also notable that not one US carrier made the top 10.
    20th Jun 2015
    My recollection of Garuda is the same as Philippines Airlines, Korean Air and the like: accidents where people were killed.
    Good that you like Garuda. Good luck.
    20th Jun 2015
    Mick, yes, see my comment above. Good fortune is a great help in avoiding fatal accidents. How would you feel if that A380 out of Singapore had come down? The fragments missed fuel lines by millimetres I heard. Good luck is a great asset so I hope Qantas keeps on the right side of Lady Luck.
    20th Jun 2015
    You have my agreement. Qantas has been an accident waiting to happen in the recent past, thanks to outsourcing its maintenance to Asia. It does scare me. But it appears that the horror stories may have subsided. At least for now.
    As Dustin Hoffman replied in the movie Rainman (when asked which airline had never had an accident: QANTAS........although I understand that the American airlines has this quote removed from the movie thereafter.
    My response was in relation to a number of crashes which some airlines had had and the probability of crashes which others live with. Hence the restricted choice of carriers for us. Having said that Kama is what it is. Good luck.
    21st Jun 2015
    Qatar, what a joke. They probably got this award the same way they got the World Cup. Had a 5 hour layover in Doha 4 years ago. After finishing a book and looking through the duty free shop decided to have a drink. No bar. You call yourself an international hub but don't have a bar? I was flying economy on the nation's carrier from Rome. The seats were very narrow, and on the lower end on the legroom scale. Maybe in the pointy end of the plane they have some tricky stuff but if you just want to get from one place to another, this mob is closer to Tiger than Qantas
    21st Jun 2015
    The problem is that if you book with Qantas there is no guarantee that you will actually fly on Qantas,and they don't arrive where I want to go other than early morning.Travelled on Singapore last year,it was a disaster,overcrowded hot,poor food and the 380 we travelled on creaked and groaned all the way to Heathrow! Have travelled with Malaysian half a dozen times and have used their Upper Deck economy,70 seats ,4 toilets and their own Galley.NO EXTRA CHARGE.and they fly KL to London or Paris in DAYLIGHT!

    21st Jun 2015
    So Satisfied to know that Singapore Airlines has come in second. We have traveled with them a lot & are going to again next month. Am surprised that Qatar has come first & that Garuda has rated in the top ten. Would not travel with a lot of the airlines that rated in the top ten
    21st Jun 2015
    Eva Air is the best airline we have flown with. Great cabin crew and more than enough room in economy. Their premium economy seating the best .
    21st Jun 2015
    In 2002 my son was caught up in the Bali bombing. Fortunately he escaped any serious injury but stayed on to help others who were transferred to his nearby hotel where they were placed in the swimming pool to help ease burn pain. He had traveled to Bali with Garuda but Qantas sent in Aircraft to bring any Aussies home who had a return ticket to Australia. It was a patriotic gesture by Qantas, one I have never forgotten and wherever possible I always use Qantas.

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