The world’s best passports to own right now

The top three passports in the world couldn’t be split, but they might surprise.

The world’s best passports to own right now

Travelling isn’t easy right now, but some are finding it easier than others, and always will.

This is because some passports provide fewer restrictions on movement than others.

Research from consulting firm Nomad Capitalist has revealed this year’s best passports to own, and the top three – Ireland, Sweden and Luxembourg – could not be split.

The Nomad Passport Index ranks the citizenships of 199 countries according to visa-free travel, international taxation laws, global perception, dual citizenship and personal freedom.

Sweden, which was previously ranked No.2, climbed its way into a three-way tie at the top thanks to visa-free travel to 186 countries, high levels of personal freedom and an excellent global reputation.

Luxembourg, which has been at the top of the index for three years in a row, has excellent passport perception as a country that bothers no-one and its citizens enjoy high levels of freedom.

Ireland’s decision to opt out of Europe’s Schengen Area means that it has fewer visa-free travel options than some mainland EU countries, but the Emerald Isle’s reputation makes travelling as an Irish citizen generally hassle free.

Just below the top three, Switzerland and Belgium were tied for equal fourth position in the index, while Finland and Portugal were tied for sixth.

Singapore was the first non-European passport on the list in eighth position, tied with Malta and the Czech Republic. Singapore’s passport allows easy access to 190 countries, which is second only to Japan in the category.

Australia’s passport was ranked the equal 32nd best passport to hold, behind New Zealand (equal 16th), Slovakia (equal 23rd), Lithuania (29th) and Chile (equal 30th).

If you are wondering what passports are the worst, war-torn countries dominate all the final positions, with Afghanistan being adjudged the very worst in 199th place.

Do you have a dual citizenship? How does your second passport rate on the index?

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    15th Aug 2020
    I'm in trouble - Australian and UK passports. Think I'll stay home.
    16th Aug 2020
    I got one of those, find it helpful in Europe as with a passport you can also get an ID card, size of a credit card and that is enough to show from Iceland to Greece and Norway down to Malta. Also one is not limited to a certain length of stay. One can leave Australia on one of those during Covid restrictions but one cannot come back without quarantine. So I shall stay like BillW41. Getting up in years too!
    Golden Oldie
    22nd Aug 2020
    I went on a European tour on 2009. Had no trouble with an Australian passport.

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