World’s first translating earpiece

The future of translating is here and it’s sounding crystal clear.

World’s first translating earpiece

It almost sounds to good to be true but the geniuses at Waverly Labs have gone and created the world’s first language-translating earpiece.

Unquestionably a game changer when it comes to travel, the device differs from other translating tools by facilitating translation in real time. This means rather than having to look up key words or phrases, two people should be able to have a conversation as easily as if they both spoke the same language.

Named ‘the Pilot’, the device works in pairs, with both members of the conversation each wearing one of the earpieces. Once inserted, each person’s speech will be translated almost immediately to the other wearer’s language, which they’ll hear in their earpiece.

Working in conjunction with the earpieces is a smartphone app, which aids the process with the earpieces picking up voices, sending them to the app via Bluetooth and then coming out as translated speech in the other’s person’s ear.

While the exact process is not yet known, no doubt more details will be revealed with crowd funding for the gadget, which started on 25 May. It is also still unclear how many languages the Pilot supports, and whether it can translate between all of those languages or just between English and each language.

Available in three colours, black, white and red, the earpieces will cost between $129–179 for pre-orders, and after they are officially launched, they are expected to retail around $250–300. Until then we’ll have to keep making do with Google Translate.

Why not watch the video below and tell us what you think about this game changing concept?


    SJ is a regular travel contributor to YourLifeChoices. Her favourite travel ritual is an afternoon Aperol Spritz, preferably enjoyed pool or beach side.


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    Star Trekker
    4th Jun 2016
    Another Star Trek prediction coming true. A Universal Translator coming to life.
    4th Jun 2016
    About time but given Google translate I am not holding my breath...yet. A wonderful idea. This is what puts travellers off. We went to Japan but most people we know would not touch the country with a barge pole because of the language, other than with sanitised, sterile organised tours.
    Can't come fast enough. Where do I get one?
    6th Jun 2016
    I was in Japan 30 years ago for a couple of weeks and found many Japanese spoke some English and were very happy to practice and help. I would think there'd be even more have some English now.
    casper dude
    5th Jun 2016
    Why don't they call it the Babel Fish?
    6th Jun 2016
    Sorry Casper. I posted before I saw your post.
    6th Jun 2016
    This is old tech. The Babel Fish has been doing this for years.
    casper dude
    7th Jun 2016
    Nice to hear from a fellow Douglas Adams fan, Stormin'.

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