10 road trips that will move Nevada to the top of your US wish list

Put the journey before the destination and follow your curiosity along a Nevada road trip.

10 road trips that will move Nevada to the top of your US wish list

It’s time for cowboys and counterculture. Wildlife and wilder tales. Open roads and open hearts. Sure, Nevada teems with destinations you can only dream of, but it’s the journey you take to get there where your new favourite stories come to life. In fact, here in the Road Trip Capital of the USA, with our breathtaking scenic byways and endless dirt-road horizons, “taking the road less travelled” isn’t just an idea, it’s practically a guarantee. Fancy yourself a foodie? A die-hard history buff? A thrill-seeking adventure junkie? All of the above and beyond? Perfect. Point is, whichever corner of this state you venture to, you’re bound to uncover the kind of unexpected encounters, memorable characters, and only-in-Nevada experiences that make this place so special. So, feel free to wander. However, chances are we have a Nevada road trip with your name all over it. Read on for the highlights.

Lake Tahoe Loop
Come scale the tallest outdoor rock climbing wall in the world, paddleboard on one of the clearest (and coldest) bodies of water in North America, knock one back at the oldest saloon in Nevada, and walk the original wooden boardwalks in Virginia City where famed writer Mark Twain got his start (and his pen name).

The Death Drive
With its stark desertscapes, thermometer-shattering climate, and all-around extreme reputation, Death Valley National Park is a natural centrepiece for a road trip that visits ghost towns, rugged biker bars, and a charming little family-run coffin shop.

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    4th Jul 2020
    Why in hell you will visit USA .... ... the country is beautiful but something very very wrong with the people actitudes and probably you get infected because those bloody ignorants that believe that the virus is not real and all the news are fake wowowowowowo Why will you go ????
    4th Jul 2020
    We have traveled in the USA 3 times, the last time was after a 31 day cruise around South America. off the ship in Los Angeles, jumped into a new Jeep Grand Cherokee and headed to Florida, Zig Zagged across the south and avoided the large cities, the national parks are the best places.
    We did 10,700 Km in 8 weeks on the road. Get a 12 month national park pass, used the value in the first 3 weeks.
    We have never had a problem in the USA, or anywhere around the world, mostly friendly great people and wonderful scenery.
    Fuel at the time was not more than $2 for a US gallon divide that by 3.5 and there was your Litre cost, the cost never varied more than a couple of cents all the way across, not like Australia.
    The food was very good but you had to search for good places, Dennys was the best all over the country. KFC and Maccas are a no no.
    Accommodation was very reasonable as well, We visited friends in LA and North Carolina and had a couple of weeks free accommodation in Orlando.
    Visited Disney land without any kids with us which I highly recommend, more freedom.
    NASA was one of the biggest highlights.
    The first thing to do if you want to go to the US is forget everything you have ever seen on TV about America,its mostly rubbish. When they find you are from Australia they cant do enough for you.
    Most of the Irritating Americans are the ones that travel, just like lots of Aussies who only go to Bali to drink, Big mouths and bad manners.
    3 months in total away from home was the best holiday.
    Stay away from America till after the 2 greatest problems they have are gone, Corona and Trump.

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