Travel Q&A

Travel SOS: Killing time at BKK and tipping in the USA

We answer your queries about killing time at Bangkok Airport and how much to tip in the USA.

The best plane seats in economy and how to get them

How to maximise your comfort factor, without forking out big bucks.

Travel SOS: How to share travel expenses

How to avoid fights over travel expenses when you travel with a friend.

When is the least expensive time to travel to Hawaii?

Jill asks if there's a cheaper time to go to Hawaii - Andrea shares her tips.

Tips for dividing your travel money between cash and card

Joan wants to know how best to split her travel budget between card and cash.

Travel SOS: Can you take knitting needles in hand luggage?

Knitting needles and other items that might be queried by airport security.

Travel SOS: Does PayPass work overseas?

Does PayPass work overseas, or do you still need to buy foreign currency?

Travel SOS: Can I use Airbnb and not ruin my Age Pension?

Renting out a room is a good way to earn income, but what does it mean for the Pension?

How do I find a legitimate local travel guide?

How can Colin avoid getting scammed and find a reputable local guide?

Travel SOS: Are you rethinking the window seat?

Margie is rethinking her window seat preference. Is she being paranoid?

Spending retirement years on a cruise liner

More retirees are growing sea legs and hitting the deck permanently.

Travel SOS: Solo travel tips and conversation starters

Olga Galacho shares advice for those considering travelling solo.

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