Travel Q&A

Affordable business class upgrades

Kay O'Sullivan has some pointers on how to grab a business class bargain.

Do I save by booking directly?

Is it cheaper to book it directly or through a third party?

Ferry or fly: which is cheaper?

Beth wants to know if it's cheaper to take the ferry with her car, or fly and hire one.

Can I get a refund on a flight?

Penny wants to know if there's a way to get a refund on a non-refundable flight.

Does Australia have air marshals?

Leon hopes to help Brian get over his post 9/11 fear of flying.

Low-cost accommodation options

Looking for low-cost overseas accommodation?

Confused about airport transit

Jane is taking her first long-haul flight and is unsure what to do in transit.

Cruises: can I try before I buy?

Larry asks Kay O'Sullivan if he can ‘try before he buys' a cruise.

What’s the best way to do Europe?

Lee Mylne offers Julie advice on the best way to ‘do' Europe.

Dealing with a dead body mid-air

What goes on behind the scenes on an aircraft is simply fascinating.

Which passport should I use?

Mary wants to know the protocols for using her two passports.

Riding the Indian Pacific

What do you do over four days on the Indian Pacific?

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