Travel Q&A

Pre-existing medical conditions

Not all insurance companies will cover pre-existing medical conditions

Boost your frequent flyer points

How to multiply your frequent flyer balance

Cruising currency

When cruising, is it better to be billed in $AU or $US?

Keep your empty home safe

Keep your home safe while you are away on holiday.

How do I get to Gallipoli in 2015?

Visiting Gallipoli in 2015 is not just as simple as booking a trip.

Is my mother fit to fly long haul?

Johan is unsure if his disabled mother will be able to cope with a long haul flight.

Travel advice for an 89-year-old

Iris is looking for travel deals or packages suitable for her 89-year-old father-in-law.

Three travel questions answered

Your travel questions answered, from reducing travel deal spam to getting the best plane seat.

Dubai stopover

What should you consider before booking a Dubai stopover?

Centrelink payments overseas

Merv would like the Centrelink ruling on payments outside Australia clarified.

Cycling in Australia and NZ

Member Barbara is looking for good bike riding trails in Australia and New Zealand.

Carless travel with a wheelchair

Kathy is looking for wheelchair-friendly locations in Australia

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